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  • _Lucifer
    Well I guess the reason discord doesn't want to show it on phone is because mobiles can't handle the lag thr gif emotes cause and for most people to have a higher performance they don't show it on mobiles
  • dabaldeagul

    Please no. It's so frustrating to scroll so much when you are in so many servers. I just want to select the emoji I want, quick. On PC it's ok I guess, I can just drag that scroll bar down. On mobile however, I cannot. So -1

  • lonedestroyer

    I feel that this would be annoying to me personally and other I know, if this was to be implemented I would suggest that it be toggle able.

  • Deauthorized

    you can go to server settings and remove the permission named external emojis


    That's not what they're asking for. They're asking for non-Nitro users to only see the emojis from the server they are using at the time. Removing the permission you speak of affects Nitro users as well.

  • DIO

    Wish i could upvote this a hundred times although Discord doesn't care either way.

    EDIT: There was an update today which restored it back to how it once was, I'm a betatester btw. So yeah, very appreciated.

    EDIT #2: They're back now... how about you just make it optional so both sides get the benefits?

  • missrainbowsprinkles

    I honestly agree, I 'd like to be able to hide emotes that I can't use, as I'm in LOTS of servers, and it gets tedious scrolling around just to find the emotes that I can use.

  • ramma

    Edit 2: And it updated again. Having to scroll past every servers greyed out emojis is back. Still no option to hide them as far as I can see. Really hope it's reverted like before because this is terrible UX design.


    Edit: Got an update and they're gone, so maybe it was an error on their end or something. I'm also a beta tester, so may be on a slightly different version, but it seems like they changed it back.



    There needs to be an option to hide them. If you're in a lot of servers it just makes the emoji selector unusable. Plus only people with Nitro can even use emotes from other servers, so it's just dead space. At the very least they could have gone at the bottom if you're going to force it to be displayed to try and push Nitro on more people.

  • I z z o h オーク

    Thing is before the update, I could only see the global emotes when in my main servers, but after the update I have to deal with seing all the emotes from all the other servers im in (which I can't use cause ofcourse, I don't have nitro) which makes it extremely annoying to scroll through as I can even see the nitro only emotes. All I'm asking is that they make the emote keyboard as it was before.

  • NekoMaster(CuddleSlut)

    They should add a toggle instead of removing them, the toggle would be better in my opinion as later down the line ARM cpus might be able to handle the load. This is a problem for weaker phones/cpus. I have a underclocked snapdragon 650 (6 cores, 2 big and 4 small) with only small cores online at 400mhz and most of the time it's able to load the emotes without any problem but sometimes it can't and I am not able to find the factor due to my limited knowledge. Even when I "overclock" my cpu it still manages to crash.

  • ramma

    Today's update brought back the greyed out unusable emojis for me, and I'm not seeing an option anywhere. Really disappointed.


    Edit: the greyed out emojis also show as search results... What's the point? It doesn't entice me to subscribe to nitro one bit, it just makes me want to leave my lesser used servers which would mean I use Discord less overall. Seems like the opposite effect of what you'd hope for.

  • Amerezun_

    the tab is literally unusable with that, the nitro is visible on menu so you don't need another ad, also that makes the app lags due loading thousands of emotes and it caches all that emotes what is terrible for low space devices and of course we have the gif emotes visible what causes lag and crashes the app depending on how much you have on the screen.
    not counting the fact that scrolling down that tab is harder in mobile.

  • lieuwe_berg

    You can just type :GW and suggestions for emojis come. I don't see the problem here, unless you have 20 servers with gamewisp emojis.

  • purpzie

    100% support this, same for PC as well. It would even be fine if they showed by default and there was a setting to hide them. Discord, as much as I love you, decisions like these have been slowly making my opinion more negative.

  • Duck 🦆

    It's also bothersome as mobile was a great alternative emote wise for those who struggle with epilepsy

  • Its ye boi

    Ye its also kinda annoying when the server has so many nitro emotes and i have to scroll long to find the normal emotes i wamt to use.

  • Crusader 🅱

    I had this problem too but I got sick of it so I downgraded

  • Ash

    I agree with this. I also have a phone that is older but not ancient(Moto G4 Plus) and it doesn't perform well for me, although the emotes menu has always lagged in landscape. Odd bug.

  • deppu

    Bad move. Phone freezes for a good 10 seconds everytime I open the emote menu after relaunching the app-- and my phone is pretty beefy. I can imagine it being worse on older phones. It's also a chore to scroll down to the emote I want.

    If I want to buy nitro, I would look it up first and read the perks for myself. No need for this emote bait tactic.
    Go back, please.

  • dabaldeagul

    @Deppu what phone do you have? I got 2 GB ram and it works fine...

  • deppu

    Well, alright. Maybe my phone isn't the beefiest. It's Samsung Galaxy S5 from 2014.

    It does work fine, yes, but every now and then it just lags with the emotes.

    I'll be honest, parading nitro only emotes simply rubs me the wrong way.

  • Wayve

    I have the same annoying problem. I'm in around 90 servers so it's annoying seeing every single emote looking for the one I'd like to use

  • Chris

    Ended up downgrading to 8.6.0 because of how annoying this was

    "Feature parity" my ass this was made to annoy you into buying nitro

  • Niko

  • nobody

    my phone freezes for up to 30 seconds or even until it says that the app stops responding every other time i open the emojis now. besides now i have a huge list of emojis i can't use and it's annoying. please fix this

  • Villain

    Yeah it's pretty gross, on some servers I just stopped using them

  • Hanro50

    Yes they added this and yes its indeed annoying.

  • HoloKi

    Finding an emote has become more difficult now that I see all the emotes available.
    For those who follow many servers it has become impossible to use emotes

  • Kurosawa 〩

    I too would like to vote 100 times and even more...
    I don't like this Update...

  • FluffyBunnies

    This bad feature is causing major lag on my phone which is fancy as heck and only a year old.


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