Option to disable Direct Calls separately from Direct Messages



  • Meganopteryx

    I very much want this. I don't want people calling me unless they know my actual phone number, please. An accidental call from a person on my DMs list (who I do still want to talk to via DM) brought this issue to my attention.

  • Raine

    Really want to see this as well. Admining servers becomes a real hassle without being able to disable calls.

  • Jenilya

    Please add something like this. I work as a community rep for a company and we have a Discord with 1000's of people in it and I frequently get multiple incoming calls at once. Being able to disable incoming calls would make my life so much easier so I can focus on trying to do one thing at a time. 

  • Fyter87

    Can we please have this, I get random calls from people and dont need to be bothered. 

  • Gör

    o god pls add this. didn't even know making calls over the app was a thing until i just got one just now from one of my members. nooooo i don't want this. i want to keep internet people on the internet. i do not cross real life and virtual people streams. 

  • Mystical_RBX

    I honestly hate how I accidentally call someone when not intended, I am just scrolling or chatting. I try to close the DM, I end up accidentally pressing "Start Call". It happens a lot. Omg, remove the call button for God's sake.

  • def [Mine2.Live]

    please get rid of this crap.  why would you not have a way to shut calls off?  seems like very bad planning

  • Spoonses

    I would love this

  • DaryaReid

    Oughta add this, a friend of mine got a call fom a  discord user that she barely know, she refused the call and told the user that she doesn't accept calls from internet people, she got nervous how he nonchalantly calls her because she didn't answer to his message right away

  • FallenNomad

    +1 on this. Please please please add this. You are essentially discouraging business use of your mobile platform. I am nearly ready to uninstall your app over the constant calls and just check it on my PC at the end of the day. I am very particular about my phone number so that I know every call I get is essential work business, but this is ruining that and driving me nuts.

  • Virgo

    Yes, please offer the option to disable this. I very rarely ever use it and I just accidentally called someone around 2 am their time. Thankfully they didn’t pick up and I can only pray it didn’t wake them up. So embarrassing! 🤦‍♀️

  • alyssa

    yes please

  • Anudeep

    Yes, I would like to see this too. I don’t want strangers or people who I don’t really know to call me

  • NoPunIn10Did

    I would like to reinforce how important a feature like this is.  Calls are far more intrusive than text-based messages, and they shouldn't have to be held to the same level of privacy.

  • Chili The Border Collie

    Yes, I would appreciate it if this option were to be added. It’s annoying to me when someone tries to call me, especially while I may be busy with something.

  • Moose

    Do you know what's worse? For the life of me, I can't figure out how to even decline calls. Is that really not an option? What the fur?

  • Malice

    Seriously discord, add this. This feature is a no brainer really.

    Unless you want people to blow the situation up unnecessarily by forcing them to say, "I want to unfriend you because you call me and I don't like it." Because no matter how you say it, it still does not sound nice.

    You could also just add a 'silence notifications' checkbox for each user.

  • colourofrain

    Bruh, it's been more than a year. Seriously, discord has a "safe dm setting" but still doesn't have an option to silence or disable a phone call?
    It's a serious privacy matter you know. Some people (that I don't really know) called me and it was uncomfortable. What if it wasn't just a random person but also a stalker or creepy people? Imo, it's not too much to ask of you to add this feature.

  • Virgo

    Prime example of Discord not listening to their users. Unless you’ve been a recipient of unwanted phone calls on Discord, whether accidental or intentional, I guess maybe it’s not a big deal to you. How hard would it actually be to add the option to disable phone calls? Please do this.

  • YoshiRulz

    I'm an open source developer and I'm always open to DMs—along with emails and DMs on other services—asking for technical support. But I depend on being able to temporarily mute a distracting DM thread or server to focus on work.

    And of course, I take issue with receiving calls of any kind from strangers.

    I agree with the user above; perhaps if some Discord employees were receiving unsolicited calls, a toggle would appear the next day. Someone with more time to spare could probably make that happen with just a few bot accounts...

  • Trev

    Yes, please add this. Also, the person who's attempting to call you should get some sort of notification along the lines of "The user you're trying to call has disabled calling from anyone not on their friend's list" or something similar

  • .ikoshii

    Hell yeah, I'd love for this to be added. As someone who often calls people by accident because of misclicking, and has friends who literally spam me with calls just to annoy me, this would be a very useful feature. I don't know why this hasn't been added yet. Honestly, it should've been added a long time ago. 

  • CatTreeGames

    Please add this option!

  • Ceridwen

    I would have it both ways:
    - disable incoming calls
    (to avoid unwanted calls)
    - disable outgoing calls
    (to avoid accidentally calling someone)

    Also, in dm mode, we should be able to delete the call notification after we have read it, because touching it can also accidentally trigger a call to the other person in the dm.

  • luckyxxxluna

    PLEASE allow disabling calls as an option. I've made far more accidental calls on the mobile app than I have intentional -- I work night shift, and of course not everyone I share a server with is on my time zone, but I called someone at three in the morning, my time (a person I've never directly interacted with, even!). Even more concerning -- I work night shift *as a nurse* and while it's not been a problem yet, I don't need my internet friends in Germany hearing patient information. I didn't ask the patient, because I didn't intend to be on the phone at the moment, and it's not my internet friends' business! I have zero interest in giving out patient information to nobody involved intheir care, and I'm ready to delete the app to avoid a HIPAA violation. Why is an enable/disable slider to remove the call icon on app so unreasonable? Or a 'confirm call intended' popup?


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