Make names with different fonts pingable.



  • Hex

    Being one of those administrators that has people change their names, we have a rule on our server where names must be ASCII characters (basically characters from a traditional English keyboard). I feel discord should force Discord Tags to follow the same parameters as passwords, but still allow nicknames to be whatever they like (so servers have the option to filter out these zalgo tags). I don't feel mentioning these users is too much of an issue as we can obtain their numerical ID's relatively easy, but the names alone are quite unappealing and frequently used to troll.

    The only cons of an addition like this would be "restricting customization" and not allowing foreign users to use their native language for their Discord tag.

  • Compinerd

    it would be cool if there was at least a way to tab through the users, by now this only works on smaller servers but as long as they're not recommended once you press @ you're outta luck and have to like, open a dm with them, then write @ and then copy their name out of there. quite complicated.


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