show badges next to the username



  • Sir Villarroel

    I have something similar but for custom "badges"...

    This bot let you create your own badges and assign them emojis, so your members' nicknames will be with their gained emojis/badges!

    You can find T4 on 🙂.

  • -mike-

    bro there already is one when you go to a profile under someone's name

  • Alexis

    Now imagine what happens for people having more than 6 badges. Even more than 3 might look strange.

    Badges are good how they are currently in my opinion.

  • Zacatero
    Even in your picture it looks waaay too crowded
  • adamercsn


    1. this post is a year old
    2. betterdiscord is a blacklisted modification

  • Lyzrn1

    use betterdiscord and add badges everywhere plugins


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