Audit Log Filters - Multi-select and/or Multi-exclude



  • sugden

    yeah i agree, if all logins were IP logged, this would not stop, but certianly discourage users from logging into a leaked token, furthermore, there should at least be an option on the bots app page to authorize new IP logins individually

  • Rob

    The bot owners cannot prevent changes being logged to the Audit Log.  I agree there should be an option/tick bowx to "Hide Bot Actions" or similar

  • Cori

    use the roles so that they can not do anything but talk. they do not show up in the audit log for talking.


  • zzzofficial

    completely agreed

  • Unknown-one

    I think it is best for you to go to the owners of the bot to program something instead but, your choice. Or you can keep your post here and also post on the bots support servers.


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