Why doesn't discord offer more personal lines of support for large community servers?



  • JPBBerry

    They have a Twitter and made support forum so you don’t have to email them, emailing them can mix things up and should only be used for ultimate emergencies I guess. Also discord doesn’t seem to have enough employees to be able to do the individual support. Also you didn’t really give any examples on a conversation you needed to have with discord. All you said was about discord reaching out to you asking you to fix your server, just fix it and there. The reason there’s no like 25/8 support is because you don’t really need it, everything would be solveable on your own, discord is a pretty simple to understand service, that is as long as you aren’t doing bot development *cough*.

  • Tae

    I understand their employee count is not massive, but they have more than enough for the few hundred servers that are actual communities with a certain member threshold like 10,000.  And the point was not to help us understand how to use discord lol.  It is for issues and having an actual dialouge.  If you email or contact discord, you get a copy and paste response their support team just shoots along based on what you ask.  It often leaves nothing gained from the conversation. 


    But this is more than that.  A lot more. Their is a massive need for a better support system for large server owners.  I have been speaking with a lot of other major server owners and it's a common thought.  There is a LOT to be said on this issue, and I don't think this is the place to rant it all.  Just putting the stem thought for those to see it. 


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