Get back your ownership without asking people to



  • Naruto_boi

    Pls help.

  • mesub
    Not a good idea, otherwise every member will try and transfer ownership without asking.
  • marshall
    it could be abused
  • Ben!
    do you not know what transfer ownership means? It means that they own the server and you don’t. Don’t transfer ownership if you are going to want it back.
  • Zacatero
    Yeah.. you don't get claim to a server once you've transferred ownership, so if you want it back they have to transfer it back. There's only one owner at a time.
  • Frosty
    Not like this. It'd be easy to abuse. Just don't transfer ownership.
  • undermaster
    That can be a good idea sometimes but can be a bad idea sometimes. It can be abuse. Imagine trusting an ownership to someone amd just get it back without your permission. It can be a good idea too because sometimes, the user you transfered the ownership might not give you the ownership back
  • Charlie!!

    Yeah yeah singing challenge if I win I get ownership

  • CraZe Aboodi

    ya that would be a greAT IDEA


  • Toxrmaline Green

    No,in my opinion it would be a disaster. If there is any admin just try to ask them for admin or another owner role or just try to ask your cousin,i mean why would you even transfer your ownership if you didn't want it to be someone elses? 


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