Please re-add the online friends count under the Home Button in the New Redesign



  • purpzie

    I like it not being there, makes everything much more uniform. If it had to be added back though maybe it could be in the actual friends list instead of always on screen.

  • Solo

    I definitely like this feature, however it was removed to clean up the design. I think it may be better suited somewhere else to cater to the more "modern" theme; however I'm not sure where else it would fit.

  • Noxillio
    I wouldn't mind this being back, but it being right at the top of the server list is an eyesore.
  • Bluegem

    I agree wholeheartedly with this, I liked being able to see how many friends I had who were online, and it still shows on the mobile app, so why not bring it back for desktop and the dedicated pc application?

    Or, at the very least, make it an option in settings to toggle showing how many friends are online or not

  • Milina

    In my opinion it could do as a badge, or return to what we had before. And for those who want it away, a setting to turn it off could be nice.

  • BallDeLocks

    Please allow it to be optional. I found it to be useful.

  • Oshiete

    YES! How fucking hard is to do things like that people could DECIDE what kind of interface they want to use and not to use? I absolutely hate this kind of things when developers just decides to do something completely unnecessary and stupid changes like this. If it's not broken, DO NOT FIX IT!

    So yes, that was one of the most useful features for me. I have just one single friend out there and it was easy to check if she was online. Now you need to actually go to the private discussion area to check that. Just fuck that.

  • fansox7

    As someone with a low number of discord friends, i relied on it to see if a friend hopped online.  I find it a very useful feature.

  • Matei

    I agree, please find another place for it if it doesn't fit with the new design, or make it optional so only those who want it have it.

  • Saint Résus

    I totally agree to, please re-add the count, or make it optional.

  • legosavant

    if they were to add it back, maybe they can put it somewhere in that wasted space of a top bar where the -[]X buttons are


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