Discriminator Change Idea



  • Jess Rogue

    +1, would prevent some from discriminator farming which can cause lag server side.

  • 獭 · a i r h e a d · 🌿

    I always wanted to have #0001 but I don't wanna pay 5$ every month .

  • Draco
    Price might need to differ, $2.99 seems too low for a discriminator change. I do +1 the idea though!
  • Precedent
    There's not a point to add this: it's already a perk of Discord's monthly Nitro subscription. You can just pay $5 a month (which is cheap as it is) to be able to change your discriminator and have several other perks -- why would Discord split this up into a separate payment? And the monthly subscription persuades you to continue to support Discord at just a couple bucks a month. Discord would be losing money implementing this. It's not like it's essential -- it's a cosmetic perk. If you want the feature, just pay for it per month.
  • Dongorongoro

    I would not consider $60 a year 'cheap'. In 5 years, that's $300!

    If it were a purely cosmetic thing, I'd agree that people should suck it up or pony up the cash, but it's actually functional — you need it to add someone to your friends list if you don't share a common server.

    As such, I agree, a one-time charge for a permanent chosen discriminator should be an option. If the other features of Nitro don't interest you, it's a rather steep price for the mere convenience of not having to look up what your discriminator number is when you need to give it to someone.

  • Jess Rogue

    Too low? I would say a dollar for the discriminator change!

  • Koldborg

    I would say $10 for a permanent change. People will mostly only buy this once, so fair price for it.

  • Aexhell

    Sounds pretty cool. +1

  • Hmmm

    +1, should be added!


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