Automatically resize images and videos that are "too powerful"



  • Hex

    Personally I never run into this issue, even when using Discord to handle art commissions and projects. If a file is too big, either compress it or email it. We can't really expect a vc app to compress large files, even apps dedicated to compressing files have limits.

    It would be pretty cool if the file limit was increased as a Nitro perk.

  • prenetic

    Hex, I run into this all the time when trying to paste screenshots captured by the operating system from a 4K monitor (print screen keystroke to clipboard, then paste into Discord). It's nearly unusable as a feature in this scenario, as it's completely unreasonable to expect someone to open an image editor, paste a screenshot, scale it down, compress it, and send it every single time.

    As it is currently, the file limit IS increased to 50 MB as a Nitro perk, but as I stated the regular user limit is a paltry 8 MB. Given there is no quick workaround, this is a problem. Other clients, namely Telegram which I believe is in the same general boat as a "VC app" do this quickly and they streamline the process, there's no reason to believe the same can't occur with Discord. This is a pretty fast operation.

  • quak

    iirc the 8mb limit is there because discord doesn't remove old file uploads like other cloud-based chat platforms

  • prenetic

    I hate to use the same platform as an example here, but Telegram doesn't remove old file uploads either. I've got files that have been stored for years between both individual and group chats. I also confirmed that Telegram's file upload limit is 1.5 GB as it stands currently.

  • Hex

    By "increased as a nitro perk" I mean increase the limit even more. 50mb is rather low for a paying subscriber, yes, but easy to work with. I'd rather see the limit increased than have anything re-compressed.

  • prenetic

    Fair enough, though I'd say that should be the case across the board and in addition to compressing higher than any imposed limits.

  • quak

    oh okay then that is weird of discord to limit itself to 8mb

  • lMiniD

    I have the same issue. When I take a picture with my smartphone and later I want to share into discord, I've this blocking alert. So I can't share picture easely from my mobile. And the feature for take a picture directly from mobile, it's unusable too. We can't open it in full screen, and the preview is scrapped, so I cannot take a correct picture. 

    Please let's us share larger file easely (auto decrease quality / upgrade limit)

  • kernel_init

    This is especially a problem on mobile. My camera takes pictures that go above the 8MB limit, and sure, sometimes I want to send these pictures in full quality to others, but most of the time I'd be fine if Discord could conveniently compress these images to a smaller size.

    Further, videos are a big issue as well, I can barely record a second of video before going beyond the 8MB limit. If Discord would be able to compress the videos (let me select a quality, e.g. 360p or 480p like in Telegram) maybe even use HEVC to be even more efficient, that would be such a big usability improvement. As it stands, I can't send videos on mobile without using an external, clunky app that's full of ads just to compress the video clip.

  • Eriyn

    Couldn't agree more, we need an auto-resize pictures / files or a way to automagically compress them to be sent...
    Both my phone camera and computer screenshots are too large to be sent, I have to use an external app each time to compress them or resize them, and I send quite a lot... That's getting annoying, It works on a lot of other apps too.. Discord is really the only one which limits me that much !
    I like sharing my gameplay, ideas and fun pictures on Discord, and everytime I want to do so, I'm thinking : "is it worth the hassle ?", I've even thought of creating an app called "Export to Discord"...
    Please do something, doesn't have to be super pretty.. Only practical

    Oh, also, on my phone, it just seems to send them taking forever, but then stops sending it without any error when it's too large... So I have to go into my pictures folder and check the file size each time before I try to send it otherwise I wait 5 mins for the file to be sent for Nothing !

  • öm

    this looks like a good place to post my problem:

    With my Phone Huawei Mate P20 Pro and P30 Pro, im not able to Share Pictures over Discord, because in any angle i take a picture it is "too powerful" and i wanted to ask about automatic compression which would let me share my pictures directly over discord...
    if you want uncompressed uploads you could either use a upload provider or upload directly a file over discord, they should stay same quality as they cannot further compress... lets say a .zip file

    What are your Experiences on this, have you met this Upload Limit with normal Pictures too yet?

    it had no Problems on my Samsung Galaxy S7 before, but that may be because the Kamera had less Resolution by deafault, but in Discord you cannot even select a lower Res, it lets you take your Picture, and then tells you it won't upload them

  • (1CAV) CPT. HuddledBubble69

    I hope discord’s developers can increase the size limit for videos and images, this would help in a lot of instances for competitive gaming

  • Lynx

    This happened! For a very short time my mobile discord was automatically scaling images to "large" so the file size was smaller. Suddenly the option is gone and I'm very upset. I shouldn't have to manually change my phone camera resolution every time I want to take a picture to share to a server.

  • Daytrip

    This is especially frustrating considering Android has no native tool for resizing images. I had to download an extra 3rd party app just to post a picture from my camera to Discord. 

  • chexmo

    Sometimes you get the "too powerful" warning when you write or paste large text or code. Dissapointing.

  • pacbro

    I'm using this, to resize images that are too powerful. Easy enough.

  • NC EE

    I hvae the same problem everyday

  • burner

    Yup. Basically all other modern communication apps can do resize on fly. But as many other thing also at this discord user experience put me thinking that is it so that they really do not have money to hire UX designer?

  • dustball

    You can use to reduce videos (and other file types) to 8MB automatically.

  • burner

    If it needs to antoher tool/service to resize why even bother to use discord for sending? Then it is just better to send with proper modern messaging software at first place.

  • Random Elephant

    Just adding that almost all photos my Android phone makes are 8.4 MB in size. Not sure why, but even after lowering the quality from 13MPx to 8MPx it still is 8.4 MB.
    Now Android has a cool feature where Google will automatically offer you to resize your photos to a lower resolution when in the share window, just for this use case. It's a great feature, but someone thought it would be a great idea to only offer this if the file size is larger than 10 MB.

    So now I'm stuck with either changing the camera into 2MPx mode just to take a picture I want to share on Discord, hoping it somehow surpasses the 10 MB on 13MPx quality, or just straight up not using Discord to share my pictures.

  • nikolaus

    As an app developer this is just weird - every other app simply resizes images before uploading. 

    Facebook's settings for example, resize everything to a max. 2000 pixels on each side - which is still pretty big - and lowest quality JPG for images less than 200Kb in size - each one of them. 

    That also makes the images way faster to upload. 

    I have used these parameters in every app I've developed.

    Maybe could be updated to suit modern phones and use 2500px / side, then maybe 300KB or 400KB - still way better than 8MB, it's a 20x reduction in size. 

    Many of my bog standard iPhone XS pictures are "too powerful" but there's no reason to ever upload a full 12MP resolution image. And screenshots as PNG are sometimes also too powerful, similarly there's no reason to use PNG either, just convert to JPG. JPG is lossy and has a way better reduction in size - the quality loss is so small you'll never see it unless you professionally edit the image ....

  • usavictor

    Why only 8 megabytes? Why can't you go for a more cleaner limit of 10 megabytes or consider image compression? I personally won't ever buy nitro, I'd prefer the more simpler and easier way to share files by compressing them if possible, I experienced this when trying to upload a gif file I created just now, and there's many workarounds to avoid the 8 megabyte limit anyway, so why not make it easier for direct file upload

  • CrazyChucky

    Goodness yes. If an image is too large, Discord should be able to resize and/or compress it. It's something that comes up so often and could be so much simpler and faster.

  • XelfXendr

    I really don't understand why this hasn't been implemented yet. Having to manually compress a photo I want to send to someone is pain. A "send as is" / "send compressed" option should be simple enough to implement.

  • Crxssroad

    I will forever love and support Discord(I'm a nitro subscriber) but this is obviously something of a cash grab. If you regularly send pictures that are even just a little over 8mb a nitro subscription would basically remove that worry. Automatically scaling the image so it fits within the requirements would basically remove one of the incentives/advantages of purchasing nitro, therefore making nitro more appealing.

    I really don't think you guys have to do this though. At least not anymore. Discord can definitely stand on its own merits without having to resort to a limitation like this to pull in one or two more customers. I'm not going to suddenly stop paying for nitro(I like my animated emotes way too much for that) but it is a tiny bit ridiculous that one of the most common features for an IM client is purposefully gated behind a paywall.

    I don't think anyone uses discord to share files or to host them. They're mostly just sending funny videos/recordings/images from their phones. Compressing them a bit(or offering the option to) before sending them would earn you a lot of goodwill.

  • kassixo

    For me, this is seriously the LAST needed step to take over Messgener or whatever. I like to make short videos for my friends/community/group, but my phone records them in big files (15second video is like 100MB sadly). Everytime I want to send a short video to a Discord server I have to basically do this:

    1) Send it to myself on Messenger
    2) Save that video from that messenger convo
    3) Upload to Discord

    It's the fastest way to decompress the video seriously and the 100MB video will be like 4MB or something after that. It's just sad that I cannot upload it directly from my phone. I wouldn't care about taking down quality to compress that file. If I would care about the quality, I would use a video platform to upload those videos.



  • Little Tabby

    "Power" is a Discord term in which it represents the file size. Why is it 8 megabytes for non-Nitro users in a non-boosted server?

  • Agliolo

    2 years later, and this is still an issue. :(

    Anyone have a replacement for Discord? that's what we are looking for now. I don't think its fair I have to pay for nitro to send SSs when my friends get it for free, just because I have a higher resolution monitor? Come on... Most every other service offers you the OPTION to reduce the file size except Discord. 


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