Copy images into clipboard



  • Hex

    Open Original > Copy Image

  • Unactive

    I already know """workarounds""". But I don't want to have to open my browser or a new tab, fetch and load a second time the image. This process costs some resources but most of all time. And I would like to be able to copy images without leaving Discord in the first place.

  • Nellie

    Also, maybe make a resend to someone option rather than copying it and pasting it to everyone

  • kouwei32

    Also, hear me out.


    "Save Image To Downloads" (OS default downloads folder)


    "Save Image To..." (gives you a windows that lets you pick where to save the image and rename it)

  • _snif

    Can this please be implemented. It's still a pain to have to open the image in my browser to copy it. I've taken to just using snipping tool on the image as that's often faster than opening it again. The fact I have to do that is just asinine

  • jcb1032

    _snif It was implemented in an update at least 6 months ago.

    Click the Image > Copy Image Preview

  • _snif

    Ah ok I think I know what happened, with the new image embedding feature, I can't tell whether an image was just sent as an image or as a url. And those sent as a url can't be copied in discord


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