Reactions when Blocked



  • Kitteh6660

    I agree with it. I always thought it was buggy.

    You have my support!

  • Lizzy_WinkleFan

    I cant react any emotes or add In a server


  • my life is a bruh moment

    eh, it doesnt work for me in a new server. its my first time in the server and i cant react but other people can. i’ve tried everything

  • srirachasouce

    user setting -> text and images -> show emoji reaction on messages


  • 265 993 303

    I was so confused when this error happened in one of my own servers (where I'm the admin). It was a former admin, too.

  • Bogard

    If you have users who engage in casual PMs in public, muting them can be a HUGE relief to catch up on the other user messages while you were away.

    If you forget to unmute someone and they try to react to you they get alarmed and upset you have them blocked.

    Can we get a temporary hide function?

  • Exaskliri

    In my opinion, blocking reacts altogether is a massive pain in the ass for the blockee.

    React blocks should just apply only in private DMs.

    It's not good to find out that someone blocked me for no reason.

  • Bongaboi

    I block users who prevent me from reacting to comments and also fail to get DMs from me because of Clyde. Those blocks are also public on Facebook.


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