Ban System Improvements



  • Tony Stark

    ben bir sunucudan yasakladım ve yasağım kaldırıldı ama ben sunucuya hala girmiyorum

  • gravityhertz

    Yes!  A beautiful idea.  Please add.  One server I am in just experienced a situation where we wanted one guy out for a little while, but the only option is a solid ban.  A 'time out' like youtube live streams have would be amazing.

  • Basic

    1up Temporary Bananas

  • soyombo


  • Togusa

    When a banned user attempts to rejoin a server, they should be able to see a page giving the ban reason and duration, explaining the ban appeal procedure (if any), and listing the server contact(s) to reach for further information.  This should be something we can create through a form or template we can fill out for the server, with fields for what the ban policy is, who to contact about appealing bans, and maybe even an embedded text entry field that the user can fill out with an appeal request, forwarded to whoever we designate - or whatever server channel we designate - as the recipient of the appeal message.

    That would be so useful.  In the Minecraft Wiki discord, we get so many users bugging us about how to appeal a ban to the main Minecraft discord because they don't have any information about how to appeal a ban or even why they're banned.  Ban info and appeals mechanisms should be handled by the servers; users should not be left in the dark about how to proceed after a ban.



  • Javahawk

    A temporary ban system would be nice, but I also want a timeout option that allows you to prevent a person from using the server for a set time but doesn't remove them completely. For people in big servers that commit minor offenses it would be nice because you could give them a 24 hour timeout for breaking rules and not need to invite them back after.

  • Sadpone

    discord wont touch temp banning because bots are already capable of these things.
    An appeal feature would be good though

  • Delta_006

    They temp ban me on a server I made an appeal even though when it’s expire my temp ban I could rejoin the server


    I moderate a good-sized server (1100+ users), and a temporary ban is a nigh-essential feature.  I want people to think about why they were removed from the chat, and the impermanence of a kick simply doesn't work for that purpose.


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