Disable server unread count badge



  • Raoul Duke

    Yeah I was just looking for that thing, it drive me crazy, I only want badges for friends talk !!

  • Marconius

    Server mute does apply to the Unread badge in the current version, but I would still like a way to not display Unread for a server while still keeping notifications on.

    My preferred solution would be to make the two equal: so if you have only mentions set to send notifications, those would still produce unread badges, but nothing else.

  • NerdShowAndTell

    This is still really annoying. On my iPhone I still see unread badges on the discord icon and on the server, even if it's muted! I'm going to be forced to just remove servers.

  • madSimon

    Yes, please. Mute should mean MUTE.

  • Latromi

    How is this not a thing?

    Why are Discord notifications SOOOOO ARCHAIC? Give me options for EVERYTHING. I if I want to toghle seeing NUMBERS, I should be able to. If I want to still get notifications for certain badge or roles, I should HAVE THAT OPTION. If I want to mute a whole channel then I should NEVER see an unread indication on that UNLESS I have it set to allow notifications for CERTAIN things.

    Mute needs to mean mute.

  • VIncent

    On pc and android the Apple problem occours the problem with it is me, oh! A new message? No just yet another unread notifications from a muted server. On a channel i dont f@$%ing care about.

  • WhiteDeath

    In my case i fixed it by setting the zoom to 100%.And change the font size if i wanted them smaller.(on Apperance settings)

    Now the badge don't appear when for example a bot sends big messages.

  • TheHighRishMan

    this system will never be fixed discord does not care about you or me as a user we are data and info to be sold this small issue is enough to make me switch back to teamspeak 


  • Raoul Duke

    I guess it's fix cause now I can see "disable roles mentions" in notification settings per server.


  • Justin Reinhart

    This appears to be implemented now. How do I mark it completed?

  • Aethenosity

    Justin, this is implemented now? How do I do it? Mute still does not remove the unread message badge on muted channels (which is why I was googling the issue right now). I'm just starting to work my way through setting again, maybe I missed something.


    Edit: I see "suppress @everyone and @here" in the server notification settings, which was unchecked. I'll try that.

  • Giostu Zikiya

    It is not implemented. Although sound and banner notifications are suppressed when the correct options are ticked in the server notifications settings page, the unread count in the app badge still exists and cannot be disabled. Stupid sh*t.

  • zenoran

    Am I going crazy? Why do certain servers and channels still have dumb banners regardless of mute and other suppression settings I’ve attempted to set. Application bug? I’m doing something wrong? It sucks because it’s basically forcing me to leave severs because of the annoying badges I don’t care about.

  • ShadowT7

    I agree, muting roles or completely server muting does not prevent the notification number with the red dot from showing up. Crazy that you mute something and still get a notification icon for it. The sounds and pop ups are muted, but that's not the issue.

  • Goines

    This is super annoying.  As others have said, I really want to use discord and trust my unread counts.  But, when I completely suppress a channel or server I still end up getting unread counts for it, even if I told it to suppress notifications.

    We need a way to completely suppress a channel unless we manually click on it to read it occasionally.

  • matthijs

    Yes, Hi devs if you read this could you please work on this? thx :)

  • Brizzletron

    Pleeeeease devs!!

  • Nalivai

    It's unbelievable how this is still a thing

  • mrBlaQ

    Lol this seriously isn't fixed yet? Do you guys have a dev team?

  • macerbi

    The impossibility of hiding the message counts is extremely annoying.

  • kanz

    I'll add to the chorus. Don't show unread for a muted server. It should be obvious this is what a user expects when they mute a channel.

  • Joe Clay

    +1 from me too

  • PunkGeek

    Still an issue somehow. I muted servers/channels because I don't want to read them. Stop getting my hopes up with the unread count.

  • Axel [BraveZebra]

    Yes please! disable that, is super annoying when there are 10 servers on the left, I only really care to stay constantly updated about one, and get the badge with the number on the bar.

  • lfz

    We need this feature, it's really confusing for every one I know that the red notification bubble still appears next to servers that have been muted. Just give us an option

  • sw201444

    Would also like to see this

  • Prometheus

    Your product management team is so incompetent that a fix hasn't been made for this annoying behavior EVEN AFTER TWO YEARS. This is why I will never use Discord as a serious chat app. Slack all the way!

  • benjo


  • benjo

    hi discord. i'm in a discord with a TON of channels, and people @ here in them constantly. so what happens is i get the little red badge pestering me to check the channel. i hate this.

    not only have i muted the channels in question, but i also turned the notification settings for them to "nothing" and i STILL get the notification badge. after searching online, i am apparently NOT the only person who's been dealing with this frustration for more than two years now.


    PLEASE fix this.

  • [VOZ] Lucas Ramos

    Please fix.


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