Block specific friends/servers to see your Rich Presence?



  • ching chong

    Option could be that either:

    a) everyone sees game you are playing
    b) only friends can see what you’re playing
    c) noone can see

  • Shichi

    I agree ! Same situation for me.


  • HerrVorragend

    Same here, since discord became more popular, we use it for our business as well but i don't want to be always invisible.
    So i prefer a function, to hide my status to any server i want. Please add this feature, it's really necessary.


    Thank you

  • NZGhostChips

    Totally agree with this suggestion. I'm in several gaming servers, some personal and some with work friends (whom I don't mind seeing my activity) and also my direct team at work which I use for mainly work reasons. I'd definitely see the benefit of controlling which of these servers can see my activity and when.

  • Harvey

    This is a great idea. I also use discord professionally and personally so I would like my friends to know what I am playing but not clients. :)

  • Rubat

    I second this, the per server "Privacy Settings" should include things like "see my online status" and "see my rich presence". Seems like an obvious feature to have.

    It doesn't need to be per-game black/whitelist, just an expansion to server privacy settings will go a long way.


    People like me may not want others to see the rich presence/online status on very crowded/open servers especially if you hold a very visible role on said server(s), but want friends on more private servers to see what they are playing so they can join each other's game, etc.

  • Suspense
    good idea
  • Chusto
    A way to prevent specific users from seeing what you're playing, instead of everyone/nobody, would be nice.

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