Consolidate repeat emoji



  • michaelblume

  • Solo

    Considering the emojis are all sourced from individual locations and are tied to a separate originating file this would be nearly impossible to detect. Currently the emojis just append a ~# to the end to distinguish between them. 

  • gwillen

    This really doesn't seem even slightly difficult to do. We're talking about bit-identical files uploaded from the same original source. It would be easy to, for example, hash the files on upload and consolidate emoji with identical hashes (or even consolidate only if they have both identical names _and_ identical hashes, if you want to be conservative.)

    It seems like there is already a system for emoji to exist in a shared global pool, so all you need to do is point into the existing pool instead of adding new entries if someone uploads a detected duplicate.

  • Keiang

    It would also be nice if Discord could tell when a Twitch Integrated Emoji is a duplicate.

  • Luminair

    Bump. Still seeing duplicate emotes all over Discord. Including stupid -1 ones.


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