Enable/Disable server emotes.



  • Police
    What kind of benefit would that bring to discord?
  • Daffy

    There is already options in discord to prevent the use of external emojis (the Nitro emojis) in certain channels in Discord. 

  • Felux137

    I think going off the channel hiding idea sounds cool, like if there was a little dropdown triangle next to the server name in the emoji panel that you can just click to show or hide the emoji from that server. It would be incredibly useful for boosted servers with 150+ emoji that are just a pain to scroll past, and also because they can cause a lot of lag on low-end devices, especially on mobile. 

    Personally, as snobby as it might sound, I do think that nitro emoji shouldn't be removable, because it works as a subtle little way of Discord advertising nitro subscriptions.

  • Juli

    so it's not posible? I really hate to scroll pass all of these emojis. I guess best solution is to create own server with al the emojis and Damn thats and make it the server on top

  • Felux137

    Actually the issue seems to be completely resolved now. You can hide individual servers in the emoji list by clicking the little chevron next to their icon, or you can simply scroll past all of them at once by pressing the happy face underneath the server icons on the left.

    Hope that helps!

  • Juli

    Yeah I realised that too. It wasn't working like 2 months ago. It would always reset the "hiding". But that works for me too. Not perfect, but ok


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