Tap Back Button Twice to Exit



  • trooperhx
    I don't think this is a problem with Discord? Most of the apps seem to work like that (as in, if you're on the front page, or there's nowhere to go "back" to, it's just going to leave the app). I tried a few different apps just now and they all behave like that. Plus, adding an option to double tap to exit, would make it frustrating to go back sometimes, so it'll just create a new problem. Say you open a few things and want to go back. You won't be able to do it fast, because if you tap the back button too fast it'll just close the app on you, so it'll just move the problem somewhere else. I believe that with time, you'll get used to how Discord "layers" work on mobile and you'll know when to stop tapping the back button before leaving the app. 😃
  • Trasd

    @Trooper Then you don't enable the option and it won't affect you! This suggestion isn't an all or nothing proposition, but for adding the possibility for people who want to use it, to have that choice.

    BTW, it's tap twice to exit, not double-tap!  There is a difference!

  • i_twistedfate_i

    Do they ever leave feedback on here? I also wish for this feature.

  • Trasd

    @i_twistedfate_i You should "up-vote" my original post if want the feature. Enough people have to care, before they will consider adding the option.


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