switch to dark mode automatically for screenshots so people stop making fun of me



  • _Lucifer

    Just switch to dark mode then. This isn't really gonna help the everyone. Try to suggest something that could help the majority of users.

  • Kadalyn

    Quote feature's already been suggested a million times (which would fix this) but they're clearly not implementing that so blame them

  • Melanxen

    Kadalyn I can bet they wouldn't implement this feature, since it isn't that requested (and needed), you could just switch to dark mode as Morning Star (hey, lucifer) said, also tell your friends that it's your theme, not theirs; not their business then.
    For the quote suggestion, there's already this post (https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360030063152-Quoting), so your post won't be noticed by devs, and if it will, a bot will tell you about the already existing post. 

    Sadly I don't think that your request will be fulfilled anytime soon.

  • Kadalyn

    Yes like I said it was already suggested lol.

    I've already upped it.

    This suggestion is an intentionally bad alternative since they're so intent on not implementing quotes.

    And I'm not going to use dark theme obviously, people choose what works for their own eyes.

    A solarized theme would be nice tho

  • Melanxen

    I didn't notice before, my bad.

    I doubt they will follow your advice (sadly), also because if they will implement something like that, quotes would be really simple instead. I hope they introduce them, every messaging app has got it, really, why not Discord? Gues they're not listening, ugh.

    The solarized theme is not a bad idea tho.

  • Thenoseflap

    Get better friends


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