Optional Features: 'Remove Memes' and a 'Better Join Log'



  • ritzy

    I don't think it would be feasible to have a toggle option for the loading lines. The loading lines appear as discord boots up and aren't connected to any account. It would be like asking to disable the "Welcome / We're getting things set up for you" messages after a Windows update. They're fundamentally tied to the program, not your account (and account settings).

    If the welcome lines are a bother to you, I believe you can disable them/dump them in an unwanted channel and use a bot to make your own welcome notification.

  • Sean

    It is definitely something feasible, it would have to just be something like an INI that gets read prior to the load screen using an option that requires a restart after changing. There's even unofficial modifications that can be done that would enable it. This could even be taken a step further and just allow people to enter their own phrases or go with something blank.

    Also, shouldn't need a bot for something like that, just reeks of bad design at that point.


    If Discord actually did allow for a more "professional" version of their software, it would also open them up to be used by more people or even businesses. The overusage of memes just looks hollow and it wouldn't hurt to have it as something optional. I do find it funny though that some of the people that just watch the feedback area here downvote something that would be optional and not forced (unlike the current route which IS forced).

  • gingerbeardman

    Would love to disable these lines. They make me not want to open the app they're that uncomfortable.

  • iwsfg

    I think it actually happened? Possibly. Not quite sure, maybe something just went wrong. At least I didn't see any edgy loading lines in the past 2 weeks on PTB - it just says "Starting" now.

    I'm personally very happy about the change

  • Marchand

    Looks like they changed it. Just says "Hold Tight - Loading Discord" for me now, which can also be edited in the 'quotes.json' file in your Discord %AppData%


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