Role "Groups"



  • Cysiek

    It would also be a good idea for groups to be able to collapse and expand them if there are many members in the group.

  • pika

    Yes, that is a good idea. It could also show it when you click on the person's avatar. There would be a divider for each group and the roles they have in that group.

  • TehWardy

    In addition to that, being able to group a set of roles in to a role group in the user list would be nice.
    Example ...
    I have  groups like : Admins, Moderators, SubMods ... would be nice to have a "Server Management" group that all users in any of those groups are listed under at the top of my servers user listing.

    There is of course a work around for this and that's to have "Marker roles" that grant no rights but users given the rights from any of the others could also be given the marker role to put them in the relevant listing area.

  • RealJoseph123

    I agree. They should make the thing more interesting.

  • Bagder

    How do you find the role groups?

  • sonderfairy

    YES! Having too many roles in a server is always such a hassle. Making new roles, organizing them, sorting them, etc, is very difficult and time-consuming when my server has like 50 or more roles.

    In the role settings list, I'd love to be able to group them into categories and be able to add new roles BY category, instead if adding it at the bottom and having to drag it all the way up. And being able to collapse the categories would make it so much cleaner. I like to make special roles during certain holiday events or times of the year, and having to delete them and remake them all over again the next year isn't fun--but I have to if I want to keep my role list clutter free. With groups, i could just collapse them and move them out of the way until the event happens again.


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