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    That's a great feature and all, but I don't think Discord would want that.

    1. Security reasons.

    2. It would take more time to load the web page.

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  • dankcatlord

    I mean you can sandbox iframe with sandbox="allow-scripts allow-forms" note, that "allow-top-navigation", "allow-same-origin", "allow-pointer-lock", and "allow-popups" are not present.

    "allow-pointer-lock" and "allow-popups" are disabled as not to annoy the user.

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  • HVENetworks

    This is a great idea. Bots could have a better input system, and not just rely on reactions and messages. Websites are a possibility, but it would be a great way to keep everything inside of discord. 

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  • DingleFlop

    This sounds really awesome! I would love to see either this, or the "bot interaction URIs" another user suggested. This puts more of the overhead on the bot developer but would be 10x as powerful.

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  • MightyCoderX

    That's what I thought cause right now you can't really do a good looking help page or other with embeds.They should make embeds more customizable, you should be able to change the background color, text color, font size and similiar things at least

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  • Malmadork

    I think this would be a great idea. I’m developing bots that work on checking and outputting code from different languages. I would love to create a custom command like !html ```<h1>hello world!</h1>```, and have it make an embed with a snapshot of sorts that shows the html output.


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  • LB

    I know this is hopeless, but it would be nice to have this. Even if it was a year old suggestion... :)

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  • SnaveSutit

    This would be amazing for bot input. it would allow for more advanced and intuitive input.

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