Add an option to revert the Discord Icons before they got the redesign



  • /moss>

    personally i don't like the new icons either. they are bad (my opinion)

  • Harold

    Same. I really hate it. I miss the old design, this redesign is horrible.

  • Prince Altoid

    Redesign honestly makes me wanna stop using Discord on my computer. Please go back to the old one, or give us the option to.

  • Motionq

    I have to agree, they at least should've taken opinions before changing up the style. Maybe it's just me adjusting to the change, but IMO there were no issues with the old style.

  • etek

    Found this after getting the update just now. It looks ridiculous. All the colors and buttons are odd and bold, the channel hash icon at the top is WAY too big.

    But worst of all, I can't even see how many friends are online anymore at the top-left! Defeats the purpose of the whole friend system. 

    This update is just awful and should be swiftly reverted. Or at the very least, I should have a way to revert.

  • Hudbus

    The redesign is too rounded out.

    It was far easier to tell what was what with the clear-cut edges of the previous design, now things feel like a blur.

    Everything is floating around, it feels like I'm looking at a bunch of items floating in some internet soup. 


    Please enable an option to swap between designs like with the message display system.


    Also it appears I can no longer re-size things within Discord? 

  • Jess Rogue

    Not really sure why others are downvoting. The new Canary build made some of Discord an eyesore. I guess I could get used to it, but man it's kind of annoying.

  • pol

    please for the love of all that is holy let us revert, if i wanted this crap design i'd of asked for it.

    nobody asked for gui change.



    don't be like google, facebook, and other low-quality companies changing things just because they can and telling people to "suck-it-up"


    reddit implemented the option to revert back because they realized how crap their theme change was, let's do that here so we can go back to discord and not discord chrome.

  • Loukes

    Honestly I like it. But I agree we should have an option to change between the old one and the new one. I can see how people don't like it.

  • Meridian

    Do others have also issues where Discord lags really bad to the point where I have delays up to multiple seconds when clicking something? This makes Discord rather unusable. I also used some custom CSS (plz no ban discord thx) which is now completely f'ed up. Oh and yeah. I agree. The new icons are... meh. Kinda blurry and too large.

  • firon

    yeah, don`t like new design.

    especially the count of people in the voice channel

  • High Priest Luk'az

    My eyes bleed when I'm looking at these new icons, Discord plz.


  • Bailey

    I agree, I don't like it. It's cartoony and icons are far larger than they need to be. 

  • Cordie Cliffside

    The reason I purged skype and curse from my computer was the cartoony bullshit and lack of functionality those talk programs provided. 

    I only swapped to discord because all my friends did.

    What was wrong with the old UI? It was basic, got the job done, and looked regular. Why did we need this new high contrast cartoony bullshit in its place?

    I am contemplating going back to Teamspeak because at least Teamspeak is basic, looks normal, and doesn't make stupid and pointless UI updates for nothing more than the sake of change.

  • チロ

    I personally really dislike rounded corners, I don't get the reasoning. I was glad to see my CSS relatively ok after the update, but found I can't do anything to make the server icons square again. In the case of the scrollbar where I couldn't do a thing to modify it, I just changed overflow-y to none. But I can't delete server icons, y'know? Why does a stack of images even have to be rounded when the space they are in is still square!? It just cuts out image space! I feel sharp corners are a lot more "Modern" looking, they're a lot more efficient in real life and in GUIs, and they generally look nicer. I think it's a trend that's gonna pass just like shading/shine on buttons, but goshdangit I'm not up to wait that long!

  • Toxikz

    I agree, there should be an option to revert back to the old look.

  • theNoah

    Personally, I dislike how the look of the channels have been changed, and I also prefer the larger server icons; it was much easier on the eyes prior to this change.
    edit: Remember to share the original post so that it gains more traction!

  • Cooler Than Coolest Guy

    I could care less about the ui icons, but the bold and yellow-y gray mish-mash blur that is channels and categories legitimately hurts to look at, and smaller server icons makes it difficult to read the icon's text. 


    This new layout is just so awful, I'm considering deleting discord just because of that. Please revert the change, it really hurts. Or at least add an option in appearance tab. Please.

  • Angel

    I absolutely hate the new design, and its problems are even worse on the light theme
    The new channel list looks massive and somehow blurry
    The new icons are way too dark and heavy, they were perfectly fine as grey outlines
    The new pushpin is crushed and tilted, so it has a weird shape and isn't aligned with the rest of the icons
    The new help button has no reason to be a circle with an interrogation mark in it, a simple interrogation mark made more sense
    And the new @... Just doesn't look like an @, it's way too round
    I didn't like the redesign from last year or 2017 with the new fonts and some icons, but this one is far worse, please let us choose what to use...

  • StarShadow

    How unsurprising is it that the community is expressing concern for a change that was made and the discord staff is ignoring it completely?

  • Trap2.0

    I personally just don't like the look of this new style, of course there will be the people like me that don't it and the people that do like it, but as others before me have said it would be nice to have the option to switch between the styles, more control over the platform that we use and love.

  • WinNT5_0

    I completely agree. also these green buttons in the server list

  • Gwynevere

    Parts of it feel really blurry.

  • Gronmin

    I think the worst part is the text and symbol in the channel listings. It looks bloated and doesn't fit with the rest of discords text. It reminds me of a mobile design which makes things needlessly large so that people are able to select them with touch controls. However, on PC this has also resulted in me being able to fit fewer channels on the screen at once without me zooming out or something.

  • DickHardly | Gen1

    Everything looks like its in bold. The words, text and voice call symbols, everything. I'm really not a fan of this update at all. I would really like a way to revert this change on my end, like a way to toggle between new and old.

  • swagmama

    This update is so bad and unnecessary, especially when nobody had any problems with the old design. Should definitely give users the option to switch back.

  • TheYolocast

    I agree. It's not as awful to me as some here are saying, but it feels a little off.

  • Sammy Sammyson ☭

    This is absolutely needed. The current redesign has a large gap between the message box and the bottom margin, which creates quite the eyesore, the rounded designs blur everything together rather than creating a clear course of navigation through the UI, and not to mention that the pounds (#) and speakers before channel names are gigantic now.

    I personally think Discord should revert to the old design entirely, but support for choosing "Classic" or "Modern/Round/Whatever" Discord or something would be ideal.

  • Superplay64

    Let's not forget how the square ping was really an iconic part of Discord, and now that it's changed, it's taken away some that iconic look, and also made a lot of ping memes outdated so suddenly.

    Also those large pound signs are awful.  They feel clunky to me.


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