A Separate Permission to delete channels.



  • Slider

    I totally agree.

    It simply doesnt work if there are a lot of people on a a server and they want to create their own channels. Either they all receive permission to delete their own topic AND everybody else in that category, or nobody can create anything at all. Its hardly usable. It makes no sense for admins to manually create categories per each user to give them space so they can do whatever they want to there.

    Add a separate permission "create channels" and "delete channels" instead of "managing channel". Managing channel is too generic and gives way too much power to create and delete everything. People may want to create some topics, but they shouldnt be able to delete other people topics. It can be done by making a category per user, but this is way too ridiculous.  

  • Lucifer 😈

    I agree with Slider, to have two permissions, one create, one delete instead of "manage channel" would be ideal. This would be so immensely helpful in rpg servers. I always want to allow members to create channels for new places/group events but not delete them or the whole category. I'd love to see this implemented. 

  • Velorace

    Look, i desperately need this change for various reasons. The first one of those is because this would help my complex channel to thrive and be much more easier and fluid to control.


    And the next is that, beyond forbidding people to delete my channels, i would be able to create the perfect channel systemology i'm looking for for my server.


    If you'd  like to know more about the reasons i do really, but really, Really need this change to be implemented as fast as discord can, Please, check the new "duplicate" forum thread i'm creating: Splitting of the Gerency channels permission function for complex channels like mine and others thrive against server nukers and more

  • Doc

    Please give us this!

  • hst

    This is a huge MUST. It's also I believe the main reason why Discord can't effectively be used for serious organizations or work related communications in replacement of Slack.

    People need to be able to create their own private channels with other server members as projects arise.

  • infinitesseract [Lia Yeh]

    it's really needed cuz it's utterly terrifying being on a public server of 3000 people where 2000 people can delete 80% of the server messages

  • Marcwous

    Can they make a way to disable the feature of deleting the discord server Would we delete our own server tho. Also if some hackers hack to your account, they are able to delete the servers

  • M-ESPORTS Gaming Arena

    Yeah just saw a guy delete all channels from a 2000+ members server

    Then ended up here to see if this setting was available 

  • MTician

    Looks like this requested permission is approximately the "Manage Channel" permission.

  • Syntakk

    Really surprised this hasn't been implemented yet. We just had an issue with someone deleting a bunch of channels and came here looking to see if there was a solution this yet. Apparently not.

  • CanePlayz

    Really need this!

  • Brxken

    Yes I agree this would be really helpful for some servers and with people who want the memebers to add channels but not delete them at the same time. It would also prevent raiders.

  • Odaem

    Deleting a text channel is a big deal, especially since it is irreversible. Having it in the same permission as changing channel names just does not make sense. I would love to allow server members to edit the text channels' names, but the possibility of someone (even accidentally) deleting one makes it too big of a risk, as all the messages would be gone forever.

    This is such a simple fix, it should have been done ages ago.

  • the Critika

    The same also needs with the self assignable roles. For example, users could be able to create roles for themselves and delete their own role creations. This could be very useful in roleplaying channels.

  • prop

    Why is this still not fixed yet? It's one of the most obviously necessary fixes. We have a complex server where the mods need assistance updating the channels in a timely basis, and we had a rogue member delete the most popular thread because he got annoyed by too many notifications...


  • The Dad

    Perhaps I'm missing something, but is there a reason you can't give the manage channels permission to a particular role and then go into the edit channel/advanced permissions and remove the manage channel permission for that role on a per channel basis for each channel you don't want to be deleted? 

    I mean, if I'm going to let someone create a channel, I want them to also be able to delete the thing. If users can create but not delete channels, I foresee having an enormous clutter of accidentally created or no longer used channels that I would then have to go through and delete manually myself.

    The only issue I can see still remaining there is that someone in a role with the manage channels permission would still be able to delete someone else's channel, but those channels are less likely to be mission critical.

    **edit: just realised that the major issue is the being able to delete other people's channels. 

    I guess what's really needed is a delete own channels/delete other people's channels permission. Everyone with the create channels permission would also have the permission to delete their own channels while only mods or whatever would have permission to delete other channels.

  • Kareem Shehada

    Hello, just wanted to bump this and add my own reasoning.

    Edits to a channel are reversable. There are many reasons one may want to edit but not delete a channel, such as theming & adding users or roles.

    Deleting a channel is nonreversible. If a member with channel edit permissions gets hacked or goes rogue the server can lose all its history.


    Alternatively, if a member with Manage Channel permissions deletes a channel it can be removed from view but not permanently deleted, a menu can be added to server settings where deleted channels can be restored similar to the windows recycling bin. Being able to clear deleted channels from the recycling bin could be another permission or just be restricted to the Administrator permission.

    Currently I am substituting the Manage Channel permission with a bot to change the Channel Name and Channel Topic.


    Edit: A similar solution is needed for Threads! Manage thread names & details without deleting the thread!

  • Hzz

    Is there any update regarding this issue?


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