New UI is extremely ugly compared to previous versions



  • PianoThatEchos

    I agree entirely, I actually ended up making a ticket about it because I thought it reverted to some older icons after I turned off hardware acceleration. The number badges for notifications even seem off sometimes, with the number not even being in the center of the red circle, making it look something like flash. The New Round Notif Badges | Old Square Notif Badges | The New Super Round Icons | Old Icons From A Server | The Old (And much better) Icons from a DM

  • Splats

    I second this, honestly, and agree with all these points. Just too round and eeugh, not a fan. If not revert at least give an option for old or new looks

  • Cuttermesser

    "Almost every social platform keeps updating to be rounder thinking it's "sleeker." It really isn't, it makes me feel like I'm in some weird, over-simplified, over-minimalist world."

    Google has started with it and everyone else seems to think they have to join in, do the designers have no good taste anymore? I've been glad that discord has not exaggerated using the rounded edges and things yet and then the update came making me feel like I killing myself when I saw that. And what I do not understand most is that it bothers so few. It even started to feel like a conspiracy to me.

    Please undo this!

  • ChrisNOR;;

    Yes agreed. Change it back discord team, this is trying to fix what isn't broken, why on earth would you do that as a company.

  • Shibbidibdub

    I agree, I feel that the new round notification icon blends in too easily with the server icon. Also the white half tab that shows up next to the server icon when mousing over absolutely drives me bonkers. I keep thinking that a server has unread messages as I am scrolling through the server list

  • Kewlin

    I can't be the only one who feels like the new animation applied to the icons when changing servers makes changing between servers take FOREVER, can I? It legit takes like an eighth of a second or something to change between servers now!


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