Consolidate notifications [Android]



  • Frankenyeen

    Bump, I'd really love to have this feature, it's a pretty standard feature of Android apps these days.

    Bonus points for options to group by server, group all servers, and/or group DMs.

  • Sudo

    I don't think that's possible with android.

  • Kitsune Inari

    ¿Not possible? Even goshdang Whattsap does it right!

  • MAD

    Very much in agreement with OP.. please allow us to declutter the notifications!

  • nick stickly



  • sowelie

    This is still an issue, actually I think it's gotten worse. I have been getting separate notifications from the same group / channel. It is obnoxious. I'm on Android 10. Please fix this. Also, mark as read doesn't work from the notifications.

  • It's Ev Time

    Bumping this, 2020 and still nothing. It's frustrating and annoying to have to scroll through tons of notifications when most apps are updated to do this now.

  • offensivename

    Please fix this soon. It's so bad.

  • corylulu

    Bumping this again. This is really needed. Grouped notifications (at least per server) would reduce so much of my notification spam. I hate going through all my notifications and having to scroll past 20 separate Discord notifications and I don't always just want to dismiss them all. Do it like Gmail, messages, whatsapp and everyone else does it.

  • BlueMcFlurry

    Bumping this myself, because it's getting out of hand honestly. C'mon discord.

  • Zyaedra

    Please add this functionality.

  • bumping this because i definitely had this functionality before, but a recent update caused me to have to uninstall and reinstall, and now i can't consolidate my notifications! i'm a mod in quite a few of my servers so those that i keep unmuted are because i like to keep an eye on the conversation, but that doesn't mean i want all the notifications to show separately when i swipe my notification bar down.

  • Anh

    Wow 2 years later and still nothing

  • Coconutpies

    Bumping this -- I'd like to still see notifications for multiple channels, but I don't want to have a dozen discord icons cluttering up my notification bar

  • Kevin SpreadLove

    Bump. My notifications are filled up singlehandedly by Discord. I have to scroll through so many just to see my other notifications. GroupMe, Telegram, and my email clients all handle notifications correctly.

  • Ender

    Bump this. They are the only notifications that appear and I want to see my email, twitter, or any other notifications as well.

  • Jalyn

    Bump. Is it really that hard? I'm being swamped and am going to  stop notifications from here.

  • MattB

    Adding another voice to this, it's so important. Will just be turning Discord notifications off entirely until it's fixed I think, notifications become entirely unmanageable without such a basic feature.

  • Lx420x

    Comon man it's been like 3 years just fix the notifications how hard can it be

  • Chris Nightwalk

    Gonna have to bump this post as well. (Made an account to put my two cents in)

    I'm moving from iOS to Android and I seriously thought it was a feature I was gonna miss from iOS: grouped notifications. But after setting up a number of apps - MyAnimeList and Spark to name a couple - and seeing that they Themselves group multiple incoming nods, I'm disappointed Discord hasn't done the same. Sucks too because I rely on nods to see who's going live soon or updates. I'd hate to have to either turn off nods or just uninstall Discord for now.

    C'mon Discord, you're better than this.


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