Blocking Invites from Group Chats



  • brianna

    This is a very good suggestion and would be interesting. I would love for this to be a feature because it would be helpful if a group chat has certain rules.

  • Faxwick

    I think it may be important to distinguish between 'blocking' a group chat and 'rejecting' a group chat.

  • chattchaii69

  • Averspie1415

    completely agree 

  • Gratis

    I keep getting dragged in to gorup calls I don't want to participate in. Please make it similar to a server invite with a reject option!

  • Sigma The Arctic Fox

    this should seriously have been a thing from the beginning. I'm permanently stuck in a group that no one talks in anyway. If I leave they instantly add me back, and I don't want to block them just to prevent being added to the group again

  • Kilowatt_Viper

    Seriously though, I do agree! I freaking hate it! I don't want to be in group chats at all! I am added in constantly into stupid group chats all the freaking time and it is annoying getting called when I am trying to do stuff and getting pinged for random freaking stuff that I DO NOT CARE ABOUTTTT! Please make this a setting where it just is a popup in the middle or side of your screen maybe that requests a invite, because this is just a annoying as all heck thing.

  • ArcDargo

    If anything there should be a setting, where you can put it one of three ways:


    > Auto Accept Group Invites

    :Accepts all invites to group chats + calls

    > Manually Ask

    :When invited to a group it will show up as a single message, asking if you want to join this group chat. Likely from the person whom asked you to join. (Also putting a cool down to avoid spamming invites.)

    > Auto Reject

    :You cannot be given group invites.


    And from there I fee like you could also have other dropdown settings, like auto disable video for all in the group call when joining. Or hiding the chat automatically, making icons and video feed take more of the screen. I'm sure there are other QOL settings that could be made here but that's just the general idea.

    Being that kinda "social anxiety nightmare" kinda person. DMs 1on1 normally are fine but the moment someone says "wanna join a group chat? We're all good people here." Even if I believe them fully, I will panic and say no, right away. I'd rather let my platform say no for me than deal with the anxiety.

    OH! One thing it could do to ease that is having a pop-up message (kinda like when you're blocked) where it says "this person has group chats and calls turned off. Please respect this choice."

  • 𝔼𝕟𝕕𝕝𝕖𝕤𝕤

    I fully agree with what was said previously. I have this annoying group that I don't want to be in. But when I leave my friends just instantly add me back. Blocking them is not an option. However, I wish blocking the group was.

  • Dr.K

    I also vote for this

  • Dank

    Please add this

  • isana

    please add this feature asap. I rarely use discord and when I got back, I got invited to a group by god knows who and the first thing I wake up to is 100+ messages of nasty images, where I assumed everyone else left the group bc I somehow became the host.

    there should be a prompt saying that “someone wants to invite you too a group” and the option to accept or reject it, to prevent cases like these from happening. it’s extremely triggering to think of how people could use this to frame others that don’t even have a clue on what’s going on.

  • Alan83253

    please add a feature where you can limit who people invite to your group chat because it’s becoming a big disaster for me and everytime I kick this one person, people keep adding him back

  • swagmaster20

    Yes please, I'd really like this feature

  • hell

    My friends are so annoying so it would be helpful to turn off auto joining group chats when invited so I don’t wake up to 27 different group chats and 621 pings

  • Mahdi_Ace

    Just right click on them and click on mute server! then you will not get any notification from that group chat

  • Khari (he/him)

    Muting the conversation only silences subsequent messages. You still get notified about the first message because the mute button doesn't show up until the group is made.

  • SammieNotFound

    I agree so much with ArcDango's suggestion. Would definitely help with the spam groups thing

  • TheDogeIsKing123

    Yes, please do this! I'm having this situation right now where people are adding me to a group chat and I tell them to stop adding me, so I leave, only for them to add me back!

  • TzuCore

    Please add

  • Shiro Coldkeyes The Hedgehog

    Please Discord add this feature so I can turn on the No Group Chat Invite

    I am so tired of being dragged into group chats that I have no desire to be in

    Please do something discord

  • Spectrum99999

    Just add a button to group chat settings to leave group chat permanently, meaning you can’t be added back or something. Just anything.


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