Limit on how many accounts one person can make



  • actiniumhydroperoxyl

    I think the closest you'd ever be able to get to this is an IP ban, and even then, a VPN can circumvent that.

  • username
    Each email address is limited to one account. IP limits are the closest you will get to this, but those are problematic because of public networks (several different people on the same network would not be able to create accounts), and VPNs (one person can change their IP over and over to create new accounts). I'm not opposed to the idea, I just don't think that it is possible/practical.
  • kyoko

    What about hotels, schools, workplaces, flat blocks or just regular house that share same public ip? Too bad you cant sign up, a person with same ip already has registered. 

  • TheCuriousCatPerson

    This would be a good idea, but they shouldn't limit how many accounts they make based off their IP as IPs can be shared, but they should make a rule about it and limit how many accounts they make based off browser cookies and application data

  • Test Person

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