Stop the "welcome back" message (or at least add a disable option)



  • Kuraishi

    I agree, people tend to gather in different channels and having a popup to join a channel in a server you can't see it's very helpful. Also half the time it asks me if I want to rejoin the "AFK" channel, which is pointless.

  • Squallboogie

    I also find this annoying....

  • snowmeister

    I also agree.

  • Time4b

    Yes I HATE this thing, it'd be fine if it didn't grey out the rest of the window and prevent me from clicking on other servers until I dismiss it. How can I turn this off!

  • Max/Akillius

    At first it was okay, now finding it more annoying with every day.

    So I came here to find a way to disable that popup.  :(

  • certifiedDoc

    This seems to be a pattern with Discord. Introduce a new feature and offer no way to turn it off until people complain. With any new feature like this, the developers should offer an option to enable it, or at least tell us how to turn it off. I'm fine with new features; some people like them, some don't. But this practice of forcing new changes on everyone is just bad. It's so simple to add options that there's no excuse not to.

  • Squallboogie

    Welcome back! Would you like to reconnect to your last voice channel? No? Ok, we'll ask again when you turn your computer back on. Again. And again. And once more for good measure in case you change your mind. And don't worry, there's no option to disable this message, just a small "No thanks!" button that you have to click every time.

  • LordTyr

    Just want to put another voice in here.

    This has been extremely annoying for me in the last 2 days. I never want to rejoin any channel on startup. Because discord used to, I even created a private server just for me to join an empty channel on startup. Not sure if that's still necessary, but either way this popup is SUPER annoying.

    Just put a "do not ask again" checkbox on it.

  • Mazupicua

    Discord pls add a toggle.....

  • NimRox

    This really pisses me off

  • Nanoren

    I get that this can be avoided by leaving the voice channel before closing Discord.  But that is more annoying than the pop up because there are multiple steps.  Please remove the option and provide a toggle to turn it on for those that use it/want it.  Or provide a toggle to turn it off for those that do not.

  • Lx_Sin


  • GniQQ

    Absolutely, please let us disable this!

  • O'Skyth

    Please add a way to turn this off!

  • Squallboogie

    Cool! Looks like they actually removed it! Awesome!


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