Remove lock icons on voice channels when the @everyone role doesn't have "view channel" perms.



  • Astral

    Text channels will show the lock if they are only accessible by users with the role. If it's at @everyone perm to see the channels then they won't have a lock since @everyone is the role that is granted to all users when they first join. You can set your @everyone role to have no permissions by default and allow them to only see channels you want them to see and when they get a role they can no longer see the channels you don't want them to see anymore. Also the bug report linked is blank.

  • worMatty

    The padlock icons on voice channel icons is confusing. Some people on my servers think they don't have access to voice channels and so don't bother trying to connect to them.

  • Rukhs

    Perhaps this is old new for some. But I solved this (while @everyone had deny on all permissions on the server level) by granting Connect to @everyone on the voice channels. If you don't have any other role (other than @everyone) you still can't see the voice channels, and so still can't connect. But the pad lock is gone for everyone else with a role that can see and connect to the voice channels.


  • Positivity!

    Rukhs!! This WORKED! Thank you so much!
    It also works with text channels as well! Finally a fix to this! haha


  • Nounours

    @Astral You're wrong. OP is right. Padlock icon only shows on text channels when the permission is denied on the channel itself, not when it's a global server rule. But it doesn't work the same way with voice channels.

    Granting "connect" permission to @everyone on global server rules indeed removes the padlock icon.

    But don't forget they cannot see the channel but can now "connect" to it! E.G. : if some moderators mess up with invitation on this channel, and the links are shared all over the web, litterally anyone could connect to this channel.

    I personnally prefer to wait for discord to fix it and don't allow "connect" to everyone.


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