Ability to "mute" friend requests



  • eksecit

    it's been 2 years and discord has literally done nothing

  • fbartho

    I'm running into this problem as well. I manage a Discord for an Open Source project, and I also manage other Open Source projects (for work). Somebody found me through the former, to complain/ask for help about the latter, and is also friending me.

    I'm okay chatting with them in public, so I don't want to block/ban them, but I also want to mute their incoming Friend Request without allowing them to send a new one.

    Any advice?

  • fbartho

    For what it's worth, this is a Trust & Safety issue allowing harassment / privacy violation, and has already been solved on Facebook and other Social Media.

    Friend Requests should have these options: Allow, Deny, Ignore, Block (though they don't all have to be visible buttons in the same way).

    You could keep the UI the same just by marking the pending request as "acknowledged" once the user opens the pending requests tab, and then no longer alert on the app-icon / UI for that request.


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