Choose input/output sources on mobile



  • pyrakitt

    I want the option to choose different input/output so badly. I have a friend that only uses mobile and gets better quality from plugging in a set of speakers, unfortunately those Bluetooth speakers also have a crappy built in mic. No matter what we tried it uses that mic as the default. Having to get different speakers is annoying, but a possible fix. 

    However this is just one of dozens of examples where being able to change the input/output, just like on desktop, would help immensely. 

  • Michael G

    I want the option to choose because I have earbuds with a mic but the mics quality sucks so I wanna use the phones mic and my earbuds speakers

  • Timtim

    I love couch gaming and my friends and I mostly do it online in these Covid-19 times. I play games with a game controller hooked up to my PC and then I use Discord on my iPad to talk to my friends while we play. Sitting back in the couch, though, the internal mic in the iPad (standing on my coffee table) has trouble picking up my voice so I bought an adapter and cables to allow me to hook up my Blue mic to my iPad. This works in some apps but I need Discord to support it as well to actually make use of it. 

  • palwal

    2 years later and we are still waiting on this. 

  • Silly Gorl

    My earbuds were torn up by my cat and only one works now. Of course the one without the mic. I cant afford a new decent pair at the moment. And normal and speaker calls arent really an option most of the time either.

  • faery

    I want to be able to use a Bluetooth speaker in chat rooms because my friends and I have music listening nights and text chat and it’s annoying for it to have to go through the speaker on my iPad or messy iPhone speakers. I thought I used to be able to choose Bluetooth but now I don’t seem to get that option even though I’m connected to my Bluetooth speaker. 👎🏻

  • mintz27

    I want this option so badly as well! Please discord devs bring us this feature where we can choose the output source

  • melchoir55

    Extremely frustrating that this is not an option.

  • I need this too

  • TudungBawal

    I use steamlink to play my game now as it is a lot more convenient and save me a lot of time to be able to play anywhere in the house.

    however my headphone does not have a mic built in and not being able to use the excellent ipad mic is really a shame.

    I have been playing with my friends using my phone logged in with another account as my mic, this solution work but kind of stupid. Why cant i just use my ipad mic and output on my headset?

  • quaz823

    Same here, phone mic is the best mic ever, but terrible speakers so I prefer earbuds for sound, but I can only change output device, not input, input just defaults to the bad mic

  • RGPublicSchool

    I have the same problem. 
    I'm trying to use the output device as my Bluetooth headphones and input device as wired microphone. But there is no way to set this in the App.
    When I plug in my wired mic and connect Bluetooth headphones, only the mic works. I can give input but there is no output in the headphones.
    The output device shows as wired connection. Which means, discord sends the output signal also via the same IO jack. 
    Also, I don't think anybody at discord is going to read these. Or they just read and ignore. 

  • Briton

    @palwal yeahhh maybe there’s some technical constraint that they can’t get around but we’ll never know if they don’t tell us.

  • Ishei

    Still waiting on even just an answer from support. We need this. 

  • 0.

    I wish discord could address this one, it really is a pain.

  • bron

    same issues here! I use a Bluetooth headphones as my output device but unfortunately it doesn't come with a  good built-in mic so i bought a lavalier mic as an input device but there's no way to separate both inputs in mobile.

    I really hope they answer this.

  • Ningaro

    It seems to me that this forum is no longer moderated 😥
    But I really hope that this functionality will work on my iPad one day 🙏

  • ejay

    Microphone choice on mobile would be great! (iOS for me)

    Have an external USB microphone and a USB adaptor to use with my iPad but cannot get Discord to use this as the input.

  • Jp Mem Sec

    still nothing?

  • Spectralfx

    Yo, today I had this issue where my headphone mic wasn't picked up at high enough sensitivity... people could barely hear the mumbles.

    But the ouput was top notch.

    Switching to the phone mic made them hear me great... but my city's noise meant I couldn't hear them!

    Wtf bro, give us the ability to pick input source on mobile already!!

  • Bappity

    I want this so bad. got a USB DAC adapter for headphones and it switches to the adapter "microphone" (which doesn't exist, so my friends on calls can't hear me) so I can't use the internal phone mic unless I unplug the headphones. -_-

    See all you comment readers in another 2 years when this still isn't implemented

  • Kallenghyard

    Hey, first of thanks for the response!

    After the new update this isn't available at all, have checked thoroughly.

    Guess we'll see eachother in 2 years when they update the text channels to only support hieroglyphs.

    Until then, haha.

  • eileenthg

    Still here. Bluetooth mic is awful. I want to use my phone mic while listening to audio on bluetooth.

  • Kallenghyard

    Guys, they finally changed it!

    Now you can't change your output at all. Leave it to Discord to update things for the worse! Yay.

    In fact the output is entirely call-audio instead of having the option of media audio output now, so good luck doing webcam stuff when you have to hold the phone up to your face to hear people. #EarWaxCam

    And by the wheyprotein, the “Discord” support team isn't even connected to Discord, they outsource their own support - it's embarrassing.

    We'll probably never have media input, meaning the mic used for recording(in place of the one used for phonecalls) because that takes like a whole click of a button to change and Discord is seemingly allergic to putting effort into competent changes.

    (Also, stop stealing from your customers through shadow subscriptions guys, naughty naughty.)

    TL;DR: Discord bad.

  • Bappity

    Kallenghyard on the android version I still seem to have access to the audio output menu, they just changed the location of the button to the top right of the screen. needless UI update imo but hey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    also hey it's been 2 years and still hasn't been implemented oop (in reference to my previous comment from 2 years ago in this thread lmao

    I want this so bad. got a USB DAC adapter for headphones and it switches to the adapter "microphone" (which doesn't exist, so my friends on calls can't hear me) so I can't use the internal phone mic unless I unplug the headphones. -_-

    See all you comment readers in another 2 years when this still isn't implemented

    On that note, see you guys in another 2 years when this STILL isn't implemented (if we'll all still be here in 2 years time, considering how much worse this platform is getting)

  • Aaronius

    Yeah especially given how capable ipads are today - I can literally use any usb compliant audio interface and high quality microphones and headphone combinations I choose - so why the heck dont we have the option to choose in/out routing????? Finally added screen share on mobile well what is the hd up for this of all things? I cant share my mobile screen while using a headset and an audio interface right now and it blows my mind that screensharing gets pushed out the door first..whats the point in sharing my ipad or iphone screen if discord just defaults to the default microphone and speaker for output and input??? Just silly imo


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