Inline embed fields



  • ProfBits

    or if the device is a tablet.
    I my opinion it looks quite odd when half the screen is empty because the embeds are not inlined.

  • ySomic

    Could we get a response about this issue? It's very difficult to show tables or anything like this without this feature.

  • ProfBits

    On lage screen Android devices (tablets) in the app inline fields are displayd as a LONG list - eventhough there is lots of space

    in crontrast the windows destop version of discord used 3 columnes to display these fields (better use of screen space)


    and btw I now see field titles and values switch bold frmatting form android to windows

  • tibfox

    This makes the inline feature not usable for modern applications. Need to get back to text concatenation and yeah ... I'm sad


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