Option to set default volume of videos sent by other users to different than 100% always



  • Mike Loeven

    Ear rape is a serious problem that traumatizes thousands of gamers a day. Discord needs to stop supporting ear rape culture and take steps to prevent this exploit.


    @Tippa actually the best solution would be to make the volume a global variable so when you set the volume slider on one video the volume slider remains at that level for all future videos until you manually change it

  • FeelsBadpak 🐸👉👌❓

    I second this.

  • Dorian

    Yes please. Just have a settings to set default volume, allow change volume before pressing play, or remember the volume of the last played video. Constantly have to put a earrape warning for clips that usually arent too loud bc of this

  • evi

    implement this before i get tinnitus bruh

  • Natelepanda

    Please Discord. This is such a minor difference, but it would save so much agony to our ears getting blasted cause we can't adjust the volume before we even start the video.

  • Tippa

    Boys... we did it! 


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