Undo Actions



  • Kiteraya Hone - MirjaH OC stash

    This would also help with the problem that's caused by the Android mobile app not having any confirmation prompt for deleting posts - which has caused trouble when the accidental deletes are done by an Admin on mobile.

  • Deerteeth

    I really need to report a user for sharing animal abuse videos around but we banned him and deleted it before we could grab the message ID in our haste to prevent other users from seeing the content. This really needs a solution asap. 

  • This is a huge problem! We have the same issue with highly disturbing or NSFW content that can't be left in the channels they're posted in. This is increfibly stupid, because we HAVE to keep our members safe from such content, but have no way to have the users face consequences because once deleted, Discord can't do anything about it.

  • Spud
    this would be a great feature to have. i assume there would have to be some kind of limit to how long it is until the change is permanent.
  • PAndMDestroyerCH

    I got banned from a discord server from 3 mods who never heard me out and abuse there powers on me?

  • Toasty


  • Dark Angel

    i need to undo an x mark because i had pressed it and not i cant go places

  • Emilie

    It would be a great feature for admin actions as well (channel or role deletion for example), changes are still immediate, but give at least 30 days to revert the changes without consequences, or go wild and make it 90 days (the life duration of an audit log).


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