Add a way for Nitro Classic subscribers to boost a server



  • Cosmic

    Possible suggestion:

    Allow Nitro Classic to have 1 boost.

    Allow Nitro (with game) to have 2 boosts, but can only use 1 boost per server?


    (not sure if already suggested)

  • Xumari

    @Cosmic Yes! That's exactly my suggestion. 1 boost to Classic, 2 to Nitro, only one boost per server allowed.

    I think it's the best and fairest solution.

  • Lakomka

    It needs to be in other topic...

  • Diblox

    I think you don't understand the point. Nitro boosting is made for larger server, not some 10+ people servers but for 200/300+ people servers. The 50 boosting required for tier 3 is the perfect example for that. Why in the world a server with only 50 / 100 people will have a vanity URL? It is NOT required anyway.

  • GoRaptors

    I second this suggestion wholeheartedly 

  • ӄօʍօʀɨֆ

    Consideration towards a more user friendly approach would be appreciated, yes.
    I don't believe you guys would add all these super cool functions only for them to become fickle n whimsical to a point of frustrating users & customers. 

    I've fully enjoyed the discord platform for a long time, and I will continue to do so. Guess it's just nice to see some results from purchasing Nitro for specific plans users may have in mind.  

  • Netruitus

    For me it will be enough to have at least option to subscribe boosters for server for less than 10$. I really don't care about chat perks or games, but I have great community and I want to make our server even better to show them my support.

  • MissElektrik
    I totally agree
  • seanwlk

    That's just stright stupid. I have a server with 200+ users and we are just keeping it like this without waiting to expand because it's for a closed circle of experienced players. I just want 50 extra emojis. Don't care about gif logo nobody gonna see coz who stays with their mouse h24 on the icon? Who cares about vanity url or better audio? It works fine as it is.

    Forcing 2 members of the server to pay 9.99 a month for 50 emojis is overpriced af. I'd gladly pay ONCE for 50extra emojis even like 5$ or if they want to keep the subscription thing I think 1.99 would be fair for new images

    I'm not even sure how can you justify it, looks like a he same brainwashed logic that apple customers use when their devices break and they are lead to believe that it's either their fault coz their were using it wrong or aliens broke it. Use your brain please and do some math and tell me if you genuinely think this is not overpriced.

    I support discord and love what they did but these prices are just absurd.

  • spl33k3

    Damn yes, you go seaturtle! That's how we do it around here

  • Hanzo

    I will immediately support discord in others way if they let this be. I would love it if they let us boost and get the badge.

  • moosecat

    The Boosts was something that would have convinced me to finally get Nitro Classic. I'd been teetering because I didn't feel ~$50/year was worth it to just give me some chat perks (if it were $29.99 I'd go for it). But, since boosts were left out of Nitro Classic, I feel like I'm even less likely to do it.

    I don't want the games. I don't even have enough time to play the games I do own. But I love Discord as a chat program and would love to boost a server.

  • Kreh


  • Asriel

    I think the people of Discord don't realize that nobody wants their games.

    10$ per month for games you never play is really something.

    And 5$ per month just for some extra chat options also feels like a rip-off, considering so many people nowadays ask for monetary support. I'd rather put my money up for a good cause (like White Well-being)  than feeding Discord + PayPal/any credit card company if it is not worth the investment.


    As far as I am concerned, 5$ a month is plenty enough to justify the server boost option.

    To set this into perspective, here is an example of how overpriced Discord is:

    In Europe, a 12 month Nintendo Switch Online membership costs 20 Euro (which is is about 22.40 US$), which allows access to a lot of quality retro games manufactured in the past by Nintendo.

    That's about 1.87 US$ per month for all online services Nintendo provides.

    Discord Classic costs 4.17 US$ per month, which only has very limited features and not even games, let alone the boost option.

    That's about 2.23 times as expensive as Nintendo for less content access.


    In my opinion there is no reason to acquire Discord Nitro Classic [aside of the option to boost a server, which is currently not enabled for classic] as the option is overpriced.

    Let us be realistic here: The server boost option is basically a server acquisition fee payed to Discord by the non-server owners. If you have 2 people paying 8.24 US$ per month just to reach lvl 1 Nitro boost, you've secured ~16.50 US$ of server revenue.

    for 16.50 US$ you can already rent a well-made dedicated server, just to run Discord services a 1.50 US$-server would suffice.

    Now imagine 50 people boosting for lv 3, that's a revenue of 412 US$ per month, which is enough to fund a 20 core 3.9 GHz dedicated server (costs about 240 US$ a month maximum if located in Germany) with a lot of left-over money.

    Seeing how one person alone with Nitroboosting covers the costs of the Discord server already (even if we go by a Classic subscription standard), I don't see the reason to lock server-boosting behind full Nitro other than to "encourage" people to use the gaming section of Discord.

    This is very short-sighted from a management perspective, as it'd be way easier to cover the money spent on services provided by enticing people to buy your "cheap" Nitro Classic subscription instead, as 4.17 US$ a month are way less of a hurdle to pay for a subscription fee than 8.24 US$.

  • wakey wakey kitty

    I have Nitro (not Nitro Classic) and I like some of the games that come with it but it's too much money, i can get a Double Gulp at 7-11 for 2.20 and it would be a much better experience than Nitro

  • mom0367

    I agree, I wanna boost the server, but I dont wanna pay 100$ or get the games that I really dont need.

  • Meggle

    I agree with the edited comments.  $5 just feels spiteful (I'm glad they are adding the option but it seems like they are only doing it because they're being "forced" not because they want to listen to our feedback).


    Again, let classic give a .5 boost or give the $10 tier a double boost or let us do it for $1 not $5....


    Why the spite Discord?

  • MimPlays

    I have cancelled my Nitro sub because of this money grab.

  • SmokingIsBadMkay

    I have been thinking about getting nitro classic but decided I'm not buying it. The only perk that is useful to me is the upload size. The custom emoji's are cool but I wouldn't pay $5 a month for it. The custom tag, animated profile picture, the badge and screenshare resolution are nice but I don't really care about them tbh. Being able to boost with classic would make classic worth the money in my situation.

    Reason I'm not wanting to get nitro games? I only play two games so there is no way I'm paying $10 a month for something I won't be using. Nitro classic should include all non-gaming perks. Nitro games should only add the free games for the people who are interested in that.

  • NightmaREE3Z

    Agreed with you on that 100%, it would encourage more people to buy that nitro classic, if it got one boost too.

    Also, I did this as a kind of "follow up" suggestion to yours: 

  • PlatinumApe

    I agree with this, I was contemplating getting nitro classic because I was very interested in boosting my server

  • Overtime

    There should be a way for a server to chip in for the perks without paying for any extra features. Should be a community effort. Or you should just straight up sell the server perks for flat reasonable prices just like any server hoster.

    There is no way I'm ever going to pay $4.99/month for 50/50 chance someone else boosts as well. Let's not even talk about the $9.99, I don't need yet another platform to buy the games on. 


  • Akari

    I will not purchase a nitro boost at all unless classic nitro has server boosting as well. I do not care about the free games. That is not why I use discord. Classic was there for users to receive the same discord perks but without the free games, and now it's not anymore.

    I'd gladly give $4.99 a month for the server boosting and chat perks. But not $9.99 for something I'll never use which is the games.

  • soup

    Would definitely buy Nitro if classic had boosting. As it stands, Nitro just isn't worth it to me.

  • Diorik

    I'd like a way to buy ONLY a server boost. I have no interesting or desire for literally anything else included in the Nitro packages, but I would like to help make my guild's server a little better at a reasonable cost.

  • MikeTalonNYC

    Has anyone from Discord even chimed in here?  I won't get more than Nitro Classic because zero of the games run on Mac, meaning aside from potentially server boosting there's no use for the upgraded Nitro for me or any other Mac user.  I want to support Discord, so I'm Nitro Classic - that helps the devs but doesn't make me pay for game licensing I can't use.

  • (XB1)PRaDiUSxUCM

    Agreed to everything said in the OP. Also boosts should be permanent for a server. Server admins shouldn't be scrambling to find a new booster within 3 days just so they don't loose their custom banner and new emojis. That's not community friendly at all and is a pain in the butt for server owners.

  • MozarteanChaos

    absolutely agree with OP. i'm willing to pay a little extra to be able to boost using classic, but... another 5 dollars just puts me back at "i'm not paying that much just for a server boost, wtf".

    they're giving us an option between "pay for classic + boost" and "pay for nitro, which has boosts", but are making the simpler one more expensive?? for some reason??

    discord, yall, you cant just give us two options thatre functionally the same, and then make the slightly worse one the more pricey one. thats 100 dollars a year - potentially more - just for server boosts. i'm more than willing to give you money for the ability to boost, but this is just ridiculous. a server boost is not worth 5 f***ing dollars.


    edit: as other people have said earlier in the thread, server boosting is also just a chat perk. nitro classic is advertised as being just the chat perks - why isn't server boosting counted? it's almost entirely cosmetic, what's the deal here?

  • FunkyMo

    Add 1 server boost to $5 Nitro and add 1 server boost to $10 Nitro (2 total)

  • loading

    With the closure of Discord's game subscription service, I think this post needs a lot more attention. Classic nitro is worth $5 a month but a single server boost simply isn't worth that. Maybe make server boosts a one time payment as an alternative to the suggestion of this post?


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