Let me disable the "Nitro Booster" role for the whole server



  • thetechguy
    we don't need this. the point of boosting servers is to show love.
  • Takaragomy

    I think they just need to change how this is handled. It is inconvenient to have it on a roles list, however it should still appear as a role. Perhaps a solution would be to have players who boost a server get something like a bookmarked role, that shows up as their primary (highest ranking) role, but does not show up on the roles list. Similar to how badges are handled, that way the server admins don't have to deal with it, but the recognition is still there.

  • mihai

    I don't need this role in my server, please allow us to delete this role.

  • taiiat

    yes, Servers should be in control of whether this Role is used or not, in their Server.

    multiple levels of control as aforementioned sure, such as disabling the color of the Role, disabling the sorting priority of the Role, or even just turning it off for a Server.

  • Divine Director

    We can make a lot of money from thet and like this we can make discord better

  • ⋆ℙineapple ℙal⋆

    Yes, Admins should have an choice on what permissions it gets and an on/off switch to remove it entirely.

  • Ozasuke

    I'm on an RPG server that has roles for GMs and Players. I show as my own role as Nitro Booster. I want the community to find me in the member list under GM, and I want my messages on the server to be in that role's color.

    Can the role at least be configurable for the server to have the Nitro Booster role to not have color? Can the Nitro Booster emblem appear next to my name in chat, too, to still signify that I'm a Nitro booster?

  • Kilo

    I am a community owner and our base of communications is on Discord. We have a few server boosters and we have a few sub-servers. So our main server is the server we use for the boosting. However, someone just boosted the sub-server which is not what I want. My custom bot allows for the boost perks to carry over to all the sub-servers with the role. I need a way to disable boosting on my sub-servers so this can be easier on me. I don't like telling people to remove their boost and put it on the hub server but for now that is what I must do.


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