Options / Concerns about Nitro Boost




    Well said. Very well said. I would like the flat rate idea for nitro members and I think they should be able to boost multiple servers.

  • Shooter




    Nitro users should be able to boost more than 1 though too

  • Foxy Lovelace

    I definitely agree with capping boosts once maximum tier has been reached +/- maybe 25 to account for fall-off.

    Boost purchases will allow a community to crowdfund support for their server taking monetary constraints off of Discord and the server admin.

    If a server is already boosted to maximum, the paid-for-boost option should not be available so that community members do not "waste" a boost. Or you can include a disclaimer "This server is already boosted to maximum. Your boost will not contribute towards any additional server benefits. Do you still want to boost this server as a show of support?".

    I do have to say avatar frames or auras could be a really cool idea, a la Path of Exile supporter packs.

    Overall this is a very well-laid out and thoughtful review and recommendation for the boosting system. I really hope this is considered as an update to it.

  • OJParker

    I believe that it needs fine tuning which as a new feature is bound to happen but I do feel options like OP has suggested would be beneficial for for-profits, niche servers that dont have a large user base, fall within partner/verification guidelines and so on. However, the fine tuning that commences may remedy this only time will tell.


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