Music in chat rooms



  • MyDogsEd

    This can be accomplished very well with a music bot, such as You can so !play <link to youtube video> and it will play the audio from that video. You can create a queue of songs with it, and set a song to be on repeat. Also, like you mentioned, a person can mute the bot or turn it down by right-clicking on the bot while in a voice channel with it and using the slider to lower the volume or muting it altogether.

    Hope this helps!


  • Sleepy Ash

    I didnt mean in VC. I meant in group chats. Just one, constant tune that always plays. Not a song in voice chat

  • Lieutenant

    Hi there,

    I personally wouldn't like music in the background of a text channel, it would feel odd and would probably get abused by trolls to earrape people. Personally if I want to listen to music in a discord server I join a music channel.

  • Seven

    Ok boomer


  • Lieutenant

    Don't know why you decided to reply Ok boomer on a suggestion that hasn't seen any activity in 8 months but ok.

  • NoobTamil | Exynos

    There are many Discord Music Bots that you can try with your server, Not just go with rhythm. There are tons of trusted boys to make your Sever live than before. So just have a look into those.


  • maikyporca

    Sorry for opening this up again. But this is somehow a good suggestion with a little alteration. Currently, music bots can only be used on servers. Some have a group conversations not within a server that would love to share music. How 'bout adding a feature where these group conversations can have a music bot without creating a server? Hope this will be acknowledged! :D

  • zyyrt

    im coming here too because I would like to play music in group chats that are separate from servers.


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