Bye Bye Bots



  • TheFutureKnight
    so what you're saying is... eradicate all bots... yeah that's a no go sorry.
  • Floffah

    1. A lot of people learn to code making discord bots (myself included many years ago)
    2. It makes the server look professional
    3. It allows better integration with other websites such as server lists

    I really do not agree with getting rid of all bots

  • Doze

    Hey there,


    All the ideas you mentioned...can be done by bots!

  • username
    I agree with the idea of having all of these features be available natively, but I definitely don't think that Discord should get rid of bots.
  • thetechguy
    why wyould we need this? i agree that we can have this nativly but get rid of bots? no
  • GrifGrif
    Bots are too useful : they can do a lot of thinks user can’t do, for example they can ban someone who never join the guild or manage all the guild, delete them is deleting a part of discord ...
  • Rocks the Squirrel

    Getting rid of bots to make it native would bloat Discord coding for things some server may never use. This way it is now is better to keep the coding down and also it shows the creativity of the users to make bots, Also, being on the servers would lag the servers more as the bots use servers that are not attached to Discord (and lowers the cost as well for Discord)

  • lengo
    Definitely a no here. People love bots.
  • 󠂪󠂪

    There are many things you can do with bots like weather, game searching. It would be too fat and difficult for Discord Developer to handle the ALL APIs produced by many countries to their own.


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