Timezone Clock Suggestion



  • Bear

    Also, they should add the time in the chat when chatting with one person; like you see their live time next to their name at the top bar, that way it's always visible.

    If she/he is in the same time zone it can display it with time or maybe by saying, "User shares same time zone with you."

  • ,Lemon

    Bump. I need this like, right now

  • Hai-Spectrum

    It would be nice if it showed to the right of each user in the chat so that you can always know what time it is for them, makes it much easier to be considerate.

  • LadyMeow

    This would be super helpful! 

  • Violet

    Bumping this because I feel this is an important feature when staying in contact with people around the world. Region indicators on names or profiles would also be a nice option.

    Edit: I have no idea why this is in the overlay subforum. I found it when doing a keyword search for 'timezone'

  • Yasmin Seidel

    I made some examples about timezone in profile :3
    here my post: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360041871612/comments/360014203574

  • Sir Nicholas

    Bump. We can place our timezones in bio now, but it's still a troublesome dumb math conversion away from users understanding what our real time is. Having our real time visible in profile, hovering our profile AND hovering the hour our messages displays are a necesity. 


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