Shared Channels between Servers



  • Doctopus

    Pretty good Idea !

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  • Darvids0n

    This is a feature Slack (aka corporate Discord) is trying out. You'd probably have to restrict things like permissions to modify users in a shared channel.. but it's a really great idea IMO. Here's a tangible example.

    Our current server layout is:

    • Main community hub - general chat channels, voice channels
    • D&D Group 1 - channels for campaign materials, scheduling meetings, etc.
    • D&D Group 2 - etc.

    What would be really good is to share our "D&D general chat" channel across multiple servers so everyone gets pinged if any one of the groups is organising special events.

    This is just one example of a use case where shared channels helps unify communities and maintain engagement across multiple servers. It would probably also encourage cross-pollination of server populations because people would get to know the members of the other server by talking in the shared channel.

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  • LukeEF

    This is a good idea - did it ever get taken forward?

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