Shared Channels between Servers



  • Doctopus

    Pretty good Idea !

  • Darvids0n

    This is a feature Slack (aka corporate Discord) is trying out. You'd probably have to restrict things like permissions to modify users in a shared channel.. but it's a really great idea IMO. Here's a tangible example.

    Our current server layout is:

    • Main community hub - general chat channels, voice channels
    • D&D Group 1 - channels for campaign materials, scheduling meetings, etc.
    • D&D Group 2 - etc.

    What would be really good is to share our "D&D general chat" channel across multiple servers so everyone gets pinged if any one of the groups is organising special events.

    This is just one example of a use case where shared channels helps unify communities and maintain engagement across multiple servers. It would probably also encourage cross-pollination of server populations because people would get to know the members of the other server by talking in the shared channel.

  • LukeEF

    This is a good idea - did it ever get taken forward?

  • AlexComputerWiz

    Slack is implementing a feature like this, but their pricing model is complete trash for the common user, and for student groups. 

    If Discord could implement a feature as described above, where a single channel could be shared between two servers without the need for users to be members of both servers, then separate servers could collaborate much easier.

    For example, I run two student clubs at separate universities, though we want them to be able to communicate without having two servers for everyone to join. This way, everyone is separated but can still hop on the channel to talk between servers.

    This would be an absolute game-changer. Discord, if you're listening, PLEASE, make this happen!

  • clownmeat666 ☻

    yikes dude, for some reason I thought this was already a thing and now that I have to limit my project to just one server I'm a bit bummed out. 

  • Erudian

    This is pretty much exactly the idea I was coming here to post. I realize it's an old thread and there hasn't been much activity on it, but I think this would be a fantastic QoL improvement. This is not the same thing as announcement channels where one server can subscribe to another's announcements and have the posts "duplicated"/re-posted to the first, although, what I envision is something similar.

    I have a different, admittedly quite specific, use-case scenario, though - Discord servers run by Discord bot developers. In this case, the developer has some channels for documentation for their bot which they will periodically update as the software project evolves. Now, a changelog announcement channel is nice, but what would really be fantastic would be if I could "link" to those documentation channels in my own server so the documentation content my users see is always up-to-date without my users having to join the developer's server or me having to copy/paste whatever updates have been made to the documentation.

    For example, one of the bots I use in one of my servers has separate channels for each of the bot's commands for documenting the usage of that command with examples and such. If I could add just those channels - with the developer's permission, of course - to my own server, or even the entire category in case new commands/channels are added, that would make sharing the most accurate information with the users of that bot on my server much easier.

    This could be controlled by the originating server's permission rules. Something like:

    Make Channel (and/or category) Publicly Sharable
    - Allow Users Not Members of This Server to Send Messages to Channel (overridden/disabled if the channel permissions do not allow sending messages for "in-server" members)

  • GreyWolf

    I'm part of a small group who are setting up servers for a university. We have a chat channel for every unit that a degree does. Some of the units are common across degrees, and so we want to make sure that channel is available for people on that server.

    If we could share it across servers it would mean we weren't splitting the conversation across multiple (currently 6) servers.

    The other current alternative would be having a single channel on a single server for everyone, but then people would end up confused about which server they needed to be on for each subject

  • Chunmeista

    My university has four/five+ discords that I know of with large groups of people who have very similar interests, the popularity of which have risen drastically due to Covid. While it might be convenient to tell community admins to "just have people join the same server", you have to realize that humans don't like to do that: psychologically, people tend to like to stay within their own communities. We're not talking about announcement channels; messages posted in these channels would show up regardless, without needing a pin. It would help to give our groups a common meeting space without forcing people to join servers. Here's a concept to get started:
    Discord, please. Let us share text and voice/video/streaming channels. You would be the first service to do so, and help bring communities together. To the Dev/Concept team: definitely feel free to ask this thread if you have any questions: I'm sure we'd be happy to help make this a reality.

  • haikal

    Do we have any updates on this? This is so greatly needed for our open source communities. The use case is as follows:

    We have an open source community around the database Vaticle TypeDB. Then developers in the Humans of Julia community started developing a TypeDB client/driver for the Julia language, and they created a channel in the HoJ Server. We wish that this channel would can be synchronised with the Vaticle Server, so that we can also join the discussion on the development of TypeDB Client for Julia.

    Basically, any collaboration across 2 teams on different servers, requires this. This is why Slack implemented it. 

    Can we get your opinion on this Discord Dev team?

  • Trainer Paul

    A bot has been created to share a txt channel to more that one server. I am using this bot now on 4 different servers that i myself are not a member of. It is called the Connections bot. (True Global)
    I am still looking for a Global Voice Channel.

  • Erudian

    So, obviously, the bot still needs to be in both servers, but the individual members don't. It's an interesting concept and, from the screenshots, it seems to at least provide the functionality we're talking about. Thanks for the recommendation. I may give it a try with a couple of different servers I'm admin on, just to play around for a bit.

    Still, IMO, it would be much better if this were something that could be configured by the server admins without the use of a bot. I mean, just continually adding bots to basically add features to the client only works as a stop-gap for so long before your bot list gets unmanageable and the command lists start to get confusing.

  • Brady

    I would love this feature as well. Feature parity with Slack would be ideal. I need this and have setup bots in the past but it’s messy dealing with bots and it’s nice to have better eyes on the users rather than a rest bot. Please add this feature Discord!!

  • GeR363

    This is needed, I hope they can make this happen. Bring together communities with similar interests but without the requirement to join a different discord server.

    Please add this feature!

  • GlobeTrotter

    @Tᵣₐᵢ𝚗ₑᵣ Pₐᵤᄂ referenced this "Connections Bot":

    It's exactly what we all are asking for. Give it a try.



  • krisbaby13

    I still think this is a great idea, especially when your linking up with other streamers who like to play only in their discord. It keeps the water calm and you still get to have all the fun. I think that there should be a switch that the main holder of the chat to allow individually which servers they are open to share with but also the one that is receiving the chat accepts it and can remove it. the main power still is the original owner of the channel. 

  • Cássio Rodolfo Alves de Carvalho Pinto
    I was just coming here to make this suggestion.

    It's an excellent idea.

    In my company, we use Discord as an internal communicator, but each sector/manager created its own server, so the possibility of shared channels between servers would be very useful for communication between sectors of the company.

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