Provide an option to disable the server boost badge next to your name



  • CannibalCountess

    While I feel that is a fair to request, I think it is unlikely this feature will be made available. Discord (and many platforms) seems to enjoy the fact that users often like bragging rights and the business is aware that seeing others contribute further inspires and normalizes additional subscriptions. 

  • Slimjimguy

    If that's the case, i'll probably revert back to Nitro classic

  • CannibalCountess

    I've never been a subscriber (I would be to support my server with a more fair business model and I've written a post here on that), but there's a big emphasis on vanity and bragging when it comes to supporting things, unfortunately, and businesses benefit a lot. It's not a polite way of business, and plenty do just fine with allowing anonymous contributions, but some are far too concerned with it showing and influencing non-subscribers. I personally don't care either way, but I understand your concern and think it should be an option to anonymously contribute. 

  • Ren

    I would love this feature, even though I do think it should be disabled by default for those that do want to brag (lot more of them than of those who want to hide it)

    The reasons for me are twofold. First off, I'd like to be anonymous and not be recognized for my contribution in some cases, but there's actually some people who get off on making fun of others for "paying for a free service", and though they don't usually last long on servers, they do tend to make waves for a few hours or even days when they join and rile everybody up before they get bored (or removed) and the whole thing just gets old to the point I just want to hide the damn status on larger servers.


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