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  • Omnilord

    I've noticed this problem before as well and I'm pretty sure it's a defect not a feature to request. ;)

    I searched the discord testers server a while back and there have been sporadic reports of bad CPU usage associated with Discord, specifically the Electron app, but it's been effectively discarded as "cannot reproduce" and "not pervasive enough to fix" by Discord staff.

    The reporting process for these bugs is...not simple, though, because 1. the process for reporting bugs is limited to 2000 characters on the Discord Testers server making it really hard to report technical information with all the "required fields" the report must have in order to be acceptable, and 2. expecting non-technical users to figure out how to get setup to report bugs is unrealistic (it requires getting a different client version called canary to verify that the bug exists in the latest version).  I'm fairly well versed in technical fields (I've been a software engineer for over a decade and worked with plenty of defect management workflows), and I'm still not sure how to submit a defect report, so I'm willing to bet this issue is severely under-reported.

    Anyway, put this back into perspective, I cannot use the Electron app on MacOS Mojave at all because the CPU usage with the cursor is in a channel typing box is over 90% on two processes and depletes my battery in less than 2 hours (my battery lasts 8+ hours with normal workflow).  In addition to that, my laptop gets VERY HOT when scrolling through the channel backlog or user list.  The only other times I have this issue are when playing Minecraft!  Since switching to using Discord exclusively in a Chrome tab it was fine for months but I've noticed my CPU usage has crept back up recently. 

    When viewing the Chrome Task Manager, it reveals that the Chrome Tab for Discord is using significant GPU resources.  I don't know what Discord is doing that requires that much energy, but it's just a chat client, it should not be this complex to fix.

  • Omnilord

    With the recent fervor on updates over the last couple of weeks, this problem has gotten several times worse.  I ended up disabling Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome since the Electron App is unusable at this point.  This cuts down on most of the excessive CPU usage!  However, there is one notable CPU hog:

    The animation for the 3 dots when someone else is actively typing.  When someone else is typing, CPU usage still hit the ceiling.

  • LinsaFTW

    I have to use discord from mozilla because the electron app takes a long time to startup and the cpu usage is really high, plus, i dont use most of the features that the app has.

  • Guilherme Salgado (gsalgado)

    Disabling the user list is a way to work around the excessive CPU usage when you're typing. It still happens when somebody else is typing and you see that blinking notification next to the text area. I've reported it to them but all they did was tell me to try a PTB version of discord, which has the same issue


    https://trello.com/c/cxcbk7zo/99-i-experience-high-cpu-usage-when-discord-is-maximised-and-the-active-window has several more people reporting the same issue, btw


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