Audio Quality behind Nitro is NOT okay



  • TheDude

    Either THAT or make the price way lower for selected benefit. In this case audio.

  • I agree.

  • leah

    Higher quality audio requires more bandwidth = costs more money for discord.
    96kbps is absolutely fine for most users, considering how people were praising discords audio quality before this update.
    >96kbps is a novelty.

  • Kratzbesen


    While I agree with your suggestion, I disagree on the audio options.

    No compromise for the audio! It is the most basic feature of Discord.

  • mgremont

    I totally agree with you, server audio quality should not be exclusive to server boosts.
    The problem with server boosts is that you need a large community to reach different levels, for many discord servers it's not the case so those features are unreachable.

    I think certain perk such as the audio quality should be available through a server monthly subscription in parallel of the Server boost. So we will have different options to access a better audio quality.


    I would gladly pay a monthly fee to get the highest audio quality.

  • Yzarul

    Right now it would cost 1080$ (minus a few cents) per year to get the best perks for one server. Assuming using a nitro subscription to get the 30% boost discount with the new 2 boost that come with nitro now.

    Which is way too much if all you care about is better audio quality for a few people on a small server.

  • Johann


    That's so sad that you only get 96 kbps like it's supposed to be for gamers and yet you don't care about the audio quality.


  • reptar

    I have a two person server which we use to exclusively stream audio to each other - 720p video is completely fine, but we communicate through Discord because we live on opposite sides of the country and being limited to 96kbps is pretty rough when you're working with audio files. As others have said above, I would happily pay to upgrade just the audio on the server. I would drop $50/year just for that feature alone. Given that Discord is now branding itself as a place to talk now instead of just being for gamers, the pricing to get high quality audio is extremely steep - as someone posted up above, they calculated it as $1080/year to get that benefit.

    Maybe Discord's not the right solution for us, but it's the one we WANT to use.

  • TrollosaurusHax

    TeamSpeak people.

  • anonymoos69

    there's a reason the audio quality is lower, it costs them more money. most people don't actually pay for nitro as it is, and they don't have any ad systems, so they'd loose money if the base audio was any higher.

  • Jakob112

    Simply put, NO

    Do you know the price for running a server 24/7?
    If people don't pay/donate to discord it's eventually gonna run out of money.
    So for people who pay/donate to discord should get a reward for doing so.
    besides, its hard to tell the difference between the two qualities.

  • Xperto 🐸

    Simply put, yes.

    With the money Discord makes the sound quality they're providing is equal if not under the bare minimum, maybe if they spent less time on redesigning the UI icons every month and were a bit less greedy they'd actually improve the very core of the app, being voice calls. Weren't we supposed to "ditch skype and teamSpeak"?  I guess they changed that motto when they got enough users and trust from their investor so they said bye bye to improving what's really important. 
    This is regular corporate greed and nobody is surprised by it but what's really disturbing is apologetic users like willy_wonka trying to defend them, unless you guys are getting paid to say this crap then it's pretty weird

  • Jakob112

    Well, if you want better free quality, maybe they should start selling our user-data? 
    Because everybody wants that right?
    1.No. It's not corporate greed because Discord makes nearly no money without nitro.
    And if they had to put the price down for nitro, more people would have to buy it (which is not gonna happen)

    2.And no, there is a limit on how much you can improve sound quality before it is gonna pull more bandwidth, which in return is gonna cost more money for discord. 

    3. Nobody is forcing you to use discord if you want to use skype or ts, GO AHEAD. But we all know that you are not gonna do that because those apps are absolut trash compared to discord.

    And lastly, if the sound quality is really that horrible for you, maybe just drop that 10$ for a server upgrade or invest in some better internet for once.   "Mic drop"

  • Xperto 🐸

    Could you be any more brainwashed? Sad! many such cases!

  • 奥特曼

    Many such cases! Think is are run business like dog walk!!!!

  • Aramož

    Sad to see discord ever more skypified, the problem really isn't bit rate, but the sample rate, which doesn't really cost anything...


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