Need a Static Server Icon that Goes Alongside with Animated Server Icon



  • Maoman

    I would like it to show the first frame when the server is not selected, then when you select the server it plays the gif and stops on the last frame.

    This would allow for neat effects like having the non-selected icon be eyes closed, then you select the server and the eyes open and stay open until you switch to a different server, or have one image as the first frame, then it fades to and stays on a second image while the server is selected.

  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    You also can put an animated logo as a server logo, when you get the perks on Level 2, it will be animated.
  • ⊨TakingFire⇒

    Gifs can have a zero frame, which should on paper allow you to have a still that is separate from the animation.
    I have yet to try it with a server icon, but I have seen profile pictures that do so.


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