Please fix the server boost thing.



  • Quantapixel

    I support these changes fully and I hope for the sake of the entire community that discord staff has a sit down with their marketing team and re-evaluate the feasibility for this boosting system. It is redundant and will cause nothing but imbalance and toxicity to the community/

  • Lemon Citron

    Heavily dislike these new boosts. Can't server admins just pay for upgrades with the ability for users to pay a boost that counts as the same dollar amount so admins could pay less? That would work so much better than this current system that rewards boosters heavily in a discord because they have money, and the fact that they can take away the servers benefit if they're not happy. No idea who gave the ok to this idea at discord HQ but this is an awful system. 

  • 420CanadianBlazer420

    After just purchasing the boosts I was under the impression I could re boost my server after a cool down. Guess not. Can't say I'm too impressed with the boosts and feel it has a misleading and scam like feel to it. The fact that users complained about this 10 months ago , and still no changes have been made shows what the companies only interest is. Further lining their pockets. I'm already paying a monthly fee for nitro and this is just ridiculous. Was also disappointed to see no games.

  • VEZ

    This is lame. Boosts should be permanent. Level up Discord.

  • Inastix

    I hate that when we cancel our subscription the boost dissapears, waste of money? What if I want to renew my subscription later on? 

  • kUmOnS_hOrRiFyInG

    I agree, if you run out of nitro, then your boost just disappears. Nitro would be therefore, a waste of money, nitro boost is a waste of money if your just buying it for the boost, after your nitro is gone, the boost will be gone as well.

  • LeppaMessiah

    Server owners boost since they are staying in the server. If you are a toxic chatter don’t boost cause you’re most likely going to be pushed out of the server. Perk 1 (2 boosts) extra emotes, 720p streaming in the discord. Perk 2 all of that doubled. (5) so 1080p in server streaming plus emotes I’m at perk one and still trying to make gifs to use in animated. BUT remember boosting should only be for owners and trusted friends. No server community needs to lose perks due to Inner fighting amongst strangers. In the end tier 3 is 30 boosts. God damn that’s a lot but I plan on keeping my server. Nitro and boosts receive a discount the more you boost. Currently 4 server boosts with nitro only 23$ usd a month. Monthly nitro btw not yearly. So 9.99 + 4.99x4 you can see the discount in my monthly bill. If you are a serious user also join the hype squad for the the extra badge!

  • Herobrine64

    I don’t like this system either- I was under the impression that I would pay a monthly fee, and gain one boost per month until I canceled. I didn’t realize you need to pay each month for ONE BOOST. This needs to be looked at...

  • Nad

    just like everyone else here, I absolutely agree. It's a waste of money. what's the point if the boost is just going to be removed anyway?

  • TheBuzzSaw

    I was just looking into server boosting and was shocked at what I found. We would happily pay for an increased emoji limit, but it is far too expensive to maintain. Either make the upgrades permanent or offer up cheaper plans for the smaller enhancements ($1 or $2 per month for emoji capacity, etc.). The boost system is... volatile.

  • 🍐bijou🍐

    Bought nitro (finally, I already thought it was overpriced) to boost my server and for the boosting discounts and TIL that server boosts aren't permanent??? You're telling me I have to pay $30 or so a month just to maintain a tier 2 boosted server?? That's insane. I already think discord overcharges but boosts should at least not degrade every month. I'm shocked.

  • Knightwolf

    I was going to Boost my entire communities Channels, But after finding this Review page I have decided against it, I'd have to boost 128 channels and with nothing being permanent and the quality being very low I'll just leave them as is and buy them some better headsets instead or move to Ventrilo where the monthly service is affordable and the quality is worth what you pay.

  • Kall

    Right, I've been an early Discord supporter and signed up to the original Nitro for months and later dropped it. I'm in a better position financially now and I just boosted my server to level 1. Needless to say I'm cancelling it straight away.

    I thought your wording throughout the process is not clear and lacks transparency, so I looked it up and found this, obviously Discord go too big for its own good and became another corporate drone company. Upgrades not being permanent is absolute BULLS*IT and a flipping-the-bird to your users.

    If you need to make money I'd rather pay a one off or a yearly fee to keep the server "boosted" and not be fleeced every month for $9.99 + however many boo$ts I need to keep the server the way I want it. And therein lies the rub, not only you're paying the monthly fee - which you can pay yearly - fair enough. But you also have to keep paying god knows how many monthly installments to keep it "boosted". $140~ a month on top of your sub for a level 3...

    I don't even pay £140 A YEAR for my professional photography website (with tons of features and storage), let alone a month just to keep the "upgrades".

    Am I wrong here? Did I miss something? Where's your transparency in explaining during the sign up process exactly how this works and you (don't) get to keep?

    I guess your game shop/sub didn't work out so you came up with this Neo-liberal scam to make money indefinitely?

    I've even deleted the automated message that shows up on chat, saying that I boosted the server to level 1, out of embarrassment, just so people in the server wouldn't realise how dumb I was to do it before checking reviews. That's how scammy your system sounds right now, to the point I want to hide it.


    This is a complete rip off! If a boost is paid for it should remain.. NOT RUN OUT ... Even when it's leveled up server always has some kind of problem....WASTE OF MONEY!!

  • ❤Vanessa Amaterasu Belladonna❤

    you got to be kidding me
    y the heck isn't this whole boosting thing a permanent thing?
    what genius thought that taking a server perk was a good idea.
    y the heck would you want to do something like that.
    one of my friends boosted my server as a gift to me and this feels like discord is backhanding anyone that has something happen to them.
    cause get this straight that's now how boosting and perks work discord that just a good way to piss people off and make them not want to do anything well you.
    either take away the boosting thing or make them permanent.
    really does Discord think we're made of money?
    what a backhanded service 

  • Convolva

    Agreed, server boosts should be permanent. You could always space the levels more so that more boosts are required to unlock a level. Also how about introducing new features every few months by adding a new levels?

  • Nochildsupport

    Very disappointed. I thought the server boost was permanent yet it seems it isn’t. I feel like I wasted my money. If I had known I would have canceled it immediately. What a shame indeed.

  • LPConan

    If I would've known it earlier, I could've prevented myself for paying $10 for this subscription. Now my boosts are gone... Smh

  • Buwelelelele

    A year later and this system has not been changed,our level 3 server lost some boosts. Ngl it's kind of a d!ck move discord,you gotta pay more money than my groceries to maintain that level 3 server. It's just plain scamming people

  • Doubleohdan

    this discord boosting is starting to become a scam as myself and people boost the server its like its time sensitive and boosts will disappear when people or myself nitro runs out... you must fix this and make boosts permeate OR if your that money hungry just make it paid all together and a fee of what level you want  

  • .Stonkies

    discord has a nice scam going on.. just let admins pay for level 2.. if people wanna boost for emojies/emotes then so be it... but dont make me boost my server insane amount of times JUST to keep level two! freaking ponzi scheme 

  • James Jelly

    I paid to boost my server and i got a conformation email saying that my payment was sucessful, how come my server didnt get boosted?

  • Spartan

    WOW! This is one of the crappiest thing I have ever seen. Why aren't the boosts permanent? Paying this amount monthly to keep the perks? I am very surprised to find out this is temporary. Never seen this anywhere. 

  • LEGO Clayface

    Yeah cause Discord thinks they're so frickin poor with their millions of dollars

  • Mark♡

    Just like everyone else here I agree boosts must be permanent because servers are a long term thing I don't care if Discord needs money to pay its stuff Telegram and many other services are completely free and I can make a server with banners and do whatever I want with it, they don't even have Nitro or Premium subscriptions so what do you want more people subscribe to Discord nitro everyday it's already enough, plus it wouldn't make a difference
    temporary boosts - > more money but less people interested
    permanent boosts - > more people interested but less money


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