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  • /home/lesnake

    Roles/permisions->everyone-> create invite -> off

    Genius ^^

  • Lemaaa

    No you cant do that already, you can disable the button "create invite" but the invite is always valid.

  • Mteal

    If you're asking how to make invites invalid if they were permanently before you disabled invite creation, then just ask the server owner to disable them. If you are the owner, to remove an invite, just go to your server's settings, click invites and delete the invite you want. Display will also tell you if the invite is perma or if it has a time limit 

  • Lemaaa

    Dude i know how to remove an invite, i'm just proposing something to make it invalid without delete, in my exemple i have an invite with 12k uses and i dont want to delete it, just make it temporary invalid

    And sorry for my english, this is not my native language

  • Mteal

    Temporary invalidation? I don't know about that

  • enigmalea

    I think it would be great to be able to shut down an invite link temporarily and then re-enable it. I link to my server on profiles and every fanfic I write. If I could disable it (in the event of a raid or abuse) and then re-enable it after we've regained control of the situation, it would save a lot of headaches for having to update a lot of hyperlinks later. I don't want permanently dead links out there, but having no option to secure my server if needed isn't great either.

  • Xogue

    This is seriously a good feature to add. Just got raided last night by some people trying to post inappropriate things to get the server banned/shut down. I have admin who are good so nothing terrible happened, but they couldnt remove the invite I created. they had to keep banning until I was available. (when a bot net attacks you get a new account created and joined every minute or so, less in some cases)

    But if they were able to disable it temporarily, it would help in those situations.

  • Potato ^-^

    I am confused

  • Ash Blood

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  • Dose

    1. Go to roles under server settings.
    2. Click on default permissions.

    3. Toggle on or off the create invite permission according to your preference.
    4. Save the changes before exiting the settings page.

  • Mellow Yellow

    Literally the second comment


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