Idea for Server roles



  • バン

    I'm gonna have to go against the grain and say that this is not a problem with Discord. I see 60 unnecessary roles that can be deleted to clear up room.

    I can't think of any reasonable use case that would require more than 10 roles on a single person, let alone 64. Perhaps you should think about what you really need, instead of an impulse "this sounds cool".

  • Mali

    Here is the full image, as you can see, no profile picture or Tag etc. :(

  • Howl

    I just see a lot of unnecessary roles. Servers that have this many roles are really unorganized or too complex for people that weren't there since day one. This is an unneeded feature if you know how to properly organize your roles.

  • Dora the cool explorer

    Ok i like the idea where your going but there are too many roles  and it is kinda stupid so whoever made this pls delete some roles

  • scape is hungry

    This is a really good idea. As the person above me said, some of these aren't necessary, but I've been in some servers before that give you the option to "collect" roles based on events and stuff. Those could definitely use a "Read More" option.

  • jade

    Thats a good idea. Also, you are in many k-pop groups.

  • Professor

    View Roles option, available if you have permissions in the server to activate it on a per-user base. I see no point in that many roles but I think if it's an option on a per-server per-user base.

  • ,,🧛🏽^^

    i like this idea! but too many roles lmao. someone said it would be creepy because they dont want people to see their age but then again you can always just not react for the role or ask the owner not to give your age role to you.

  • 𝘧𝘢𝘺𝘦 ୨୧

    I think it's a good idea, but maybe you should remove some roles. So much data and coding can cause the game to lag. So the idea would be nice, but I'm not sure if one individual should have so many roles!

  • yama?

    I see where you're going. I like the idea too, but you say these roles are really "important", I'm not being rude, but I think they're just unnecessary roles. With this, I don't think it's a good idea to make a ton of roles based on people's likings. Some people's likings are personal, and they don't really like to share them. I say clear some roles, add necessary roles like staff roles, member roles, ranking etc.

  • thetechguy
    good idea. they need to implement this.
  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    1+. Have an upvote from me.
  • Grammsay

    It's a nice idea and definitely something Discord could easily implement in their interface. So, I second this!

  • NestyIsntFullToday

    That will be creepy. i dont want people seeing my age, gender or what kind of groups im in. Though, i see the idea you're trying to make which i find cool but i have some concerns about it. your idea is 5/10

  • Mr. Donut

    One thing: Why does the world need to know you're straght and litterly your whole personal life. Only make roles if necessary. Or only make roles with more permissions like: Moderators, Admin etc. Short: Only make roles if you need them, don't just make roles to let people know info about you. Even the most official servers like minecraft don't have that many

  • Mark Joe

    There are different ways To Add Roles In Your Discord Server. By which you can avoid this problem. One more thing no need to assign various roles for multiple tasks. There are some special permissions that give higher authorities. So no need to assign multiple roles. If you know about that or aware of this discord feature then you can do it easily and by using it we can avoid this spacing issue.


  • nicol

    i also think its weird that now discord background got darker? its hard for me to see because of this

    hex is #201c1c

  • 🎊stari🎉

    @バン  what seems like too many roles?

  • 🎊stari🎉

    I like the idea! (o゜▽゜)o☆

    but- woah! those are a lot of kpop groups!

    maybe chill-

  • Spencer_

    How could you get that discord role the "-----------" but it's different does anyone know? Sorry for the bad English.

  • That's what i have for now, my sister made those ones but i'm adding more, and also i like that fact that it is korean music names but i don't think i'd use most of them. owo 


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